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K-State Police Department

Police Department
Kansas State University
108 Edwards Hall
1810 Kerr Dr.
Manhattan, KS  66506

785-532-7408 fax
open 24 hours a day
Ronnie Grice, Director

Services of KSU Police Department

The KSU Police Department offers many services to the K-State campus students, faculty, staff, and visitors. These services include:

  • Investigate all crimes on university owned property
  • Investigation of all traffic accidents on campus
  • Fingerprinting
    • Fingerprinting is provided for the public at large. Established hours for fingerprinting are as follows:
      Monday through Thursday, 1:30PM-6PM
      All other times will be dependent upon officer availability. Please call ahead to make arrangements and check availability for times other than those established above.
  • Bike safety officer
  • Housing officer
  • Secure, and unlock campus buildings
  • Wildcat Walk Escort Service 532-6412
  • If you would like an officer to come speak to your fraternity, sorority, residence hall, class, or other group, about topics such as drug awareness, or crime prevention, please call Lieutenant Jessica Brooks for scheduling, or e-mail Lieutenant Jessica Brooks.