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Members are elected by the Chapters or At-Large on the basis of their academic achievement and promise. Membership includes exceptional student of pure and applied chemistry selected from graduate classes and qualified faculty members engaged in chemical endeavors in affiliation with qualified institutions of learning. Information on qualifications for membership in the Society is available from any local chapter or may be obtained by writing to the National Vice President.

Members must be qualified students or faculty in the departments of chemistry and biochemistry at Kansas State University. For students, eligibility for initiation include enrollment in a graduate degree program and a minimum of one semester of graduate courses completed in good academic standing (GPA ≥ 3.0)

Twelve new members were initiated on 8 May 2013:

Matt AksamitGeorge Podaru
James BalthazorKathleen Sellens
Emery BrownRuben Shrestha
Ryan HahnDimuthu Weerawadene
Jianyu LuSajini Yapa
Manomi PereraMan Zhang

For information on membership and initiation dates, or an assesment of your eligibility, please send an email to