Departmental Room Inventory

The complete Departmental Room Inventory (PDF) is 776 pages long. Please be aware of this if you go to print it.

If you wish to see and print an individual department's list, please use the table below and contact Victoria L'Ecuyer for a copy.

** Ag Deans Office/Dir AES Inst Support1001200 
** Ag Instructional Reserve1001300 
** Ag Position Management Pool1001400 
** Agricultural Exp Station1017050 
** Alumni Association Local Agency9990100 
** Arborists Association1009005 
** Bramlage Coliseum0501500 
** Bramlage Coliseum Agency0910000 
** Building Maintenance6001000 
** Civitas Erosion Control LLC9502500 
** Community Health Institute2029000 
** Continuing Edu Summer School3003200 
** Continuing Educ Regents/Telenet3007000 
** Cooperative Extension3501050 
** County Agents- Metropolitan Sector3534000 
** County Agents NE Sector3531000 
** County Agents NW Sector3529000 
** County Agents S Central Sector3532000 
** County Agents SE Sector3533000 
** County Agents SW Sector3530000 
** Data & Information Admin3013000 
** DOF Shops - Asbestos6001050 
** DOF Shops - Carpenter6001051 
** DOF Shops - Construction6001052 
** DOF Shops - Electric6001054 
** DOF Shops - Electronic6001055 
** DOF Shops - Energy Conservation6001053 
** DOF Shops - Facilities Administration6001064 
** DOF Shops - HVACS6001056 
** DOF Shops - Locks6001057 
** DOF Shops - Managers6001065 
** DOF Shops - Metal6001058 
** DOF Shops - Moving & Hauling6001059 
** DOF Shops - Paint6001060 
** DOF Shops - Plumbing6001061 
** DOF Shops - Roof6001062 
** DOF Shops - Work Management6001066 
** DOF Shops - ZPM6001063 
** DOF Shops- Special Projects6001067 
** Ext. Communication3509000 
** Ext. Engineering3505050 
** Extension Area Offices3502000 
** Extension Information & Educ Tech3515000 
** Extension Position MGMT Area3522000 
** Fac Vet Med Center Security6020000 
** Facilities Management6010002 
** Facilities Management06010002 
** Farmers Asst Counseling Trng9990500 
** Food Feed Grain Institute1012001 
** Foundation KSU Local Agency9990200 
** Great Western Dining Service Inc8592500 
** Greek Affairs0931000 
** Greyhound Research Facility9042500 
** High Bay Laboratory Facility9039000 
** History Book8001004 
** Human Ecology Instruct Dean of5501200 
** IDEA Center3012000 
** IDEA Center (Agency)9990800 
** Institute Computational Research4511000 
** Intercollegiate Athl- Stadium Expn9039500 
** Intercollegiate Athletic Agency0909000 
** Intercollegiate Men's Choir2019015 
** Kansas 4-H Foundation3507050 
** Kansas Careers9513500 
** Kansas Greenhouse Growers1009002 
** Kansas Industrial Extension SV4516000 
** KS Agriculture Mediation Services3513050 
** KSDB Radio Station - Student Union9303500 
** K-State Child Development Center3003002 
** KSU Supply Store0908200 
** KSU University Motorpool9521000 
** KSUS - NASA Lease- Summer 99-KSUS8505001 
** KSUS - Natural Gas Mach Lab Mech Eng.   - KSUS8745130 
** KSUS - Technology Assistance Center-   KSUS8524000 
** KSUS - VP Administration Fin.- KSUS8705010 
** KSUS Bookstore KSUS8521000 
** KSUS ID Card Center KSUS8536000 
** KSUS Institutional Planning KSUS8507000 
** KSUS Public Relations KSUS8532000 
** KSUS Publications8533000 
** KSUS Small Business Dev Ctr KSUS8517000 
** KSUS Utilities KSUS6025000 
** National Association Multiculture4003006 
** Nuclear Engineer4514000 
** Office of Academic Personnel0309000 
** Office of Mediated Education3013500 
** Pecan Experiment Field1009003 
** Plant Biotechnology Center1018000 
** Professional Development3517000 
** Rowing Crew0104050 
** Single Parent Displaced Homemaker4003001 
** Small Business Development Ctr2501001 
** South Central Area Extension Office3526000 
** Special Education4002001 
** Summer Choral Institute2019010 
** Telecommunications Service3011200 
** University Unalotted0501300 
** Vet Med Ctr Inst Support Dean of8001200 
** Vet Med Teaching Hospital8007000 
** Veterinary Medicine Complex - DPM8006000 
Adjtnt General's Dept/Camp Funston9800340 
Admissions, Undergraduate0914000 
Advanced Manufacturing Institute4509001 
Aerospace Studies2002000 
Affirmative Action0302000 
Ag, Dean, Dir. Ag. Ext.1001000 
Agricultral Research Center Hays1022000 
Agriculture Academic Program1002000 
Agriculture Economics1003000 
Agronomy - KSUAES1024000 
Ahern Users Group6014002 
Air Force ROTC2017001 
Alumni Association0102000 
Alumni Band2019001 
Ameri Serve Inc.8592550 
American Ethnic Studies2001001 
Anatomy & Physiology8002000 
Anderson Hall Carillon (C70110)9010000 
Animal Resource8001000 
Animal Science & Industry1005000 
Animal Science & Industry - KSUAES1017050 
Apparel Textiles Interior Design5502000 
Arch. Engg. & Construction Science4504000 
Arch., Planning & Design1501000 
Art song Comps2019011 
Arts & Sciences2001000 
Assessment & Program Review0305500 
Assoc Vice President for Admin & Fin6010010 
Associate Provost0301002 
Athletic Ground6005001 
Aux Center - KSUS8524000 
Beach Museum Art0108000 
Beach Museum Art Friends0108001 
Bio & Value Added Prog Const9020000 
Biological Agricultural Engineering4502000 
Bioprocssing & Indust Value Add Ctr1007000 
Blue Key9307000 
BSL3 Labs9025000 
Budget Maintenance6001001 
Budget Office0502000 
Building Maintenance Building6001002 
Building Major Maintenance6001003 
Business Administration2501000 
Campus Beauty9027500 
Car Pool6003000 
Career Employement Service0904000 
Center Extended Services3501002 
Center for Aging9503000 
Center for Engagement/Community Development0306000 
Center of Advancement Teaching3010500 
Center Science Education4004002 
Chemical Engineering4505000 
Civic Leadership - Studies Programs4002004 
Civil Engineering4506000 
Classroom (Other)  
Clinical Sciences8005000 
Communication Studies2026000 
Communications (Ag)1005500 
Community Development/Pride3503050 
Community Health3528000 
Comparative Medicine Group8001001 
Computer Operations6007002 
Computing & Info Science4506500 
Computing & Network Services0509900 
Continuing Education3001000 
Contract Post Office6012001 
Controllers Office0504000 
Coordinator Laboratory Experiences4001001 
Counseling Services0707002 
Curriculum & Instruction4004000 
Custodial Service6002000 
DCE Facilitation Center3003001 
Dep Admin Div Fac MGT Plan Des9802730 
Dept of Admii- Div of Personnel Serv9506000 
Dept of Hospitality MGMNT & Dietetics5503000 
Diagnose Medical Pathology8004000 
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathbiology8004000 
Director of Military Affairs0901002 
Div of Fac. Central Motor Pool9502000 
Div. of Communications & Marketing0601000 
Diversity & Dual Career Development0707003 
Ed. Administration & Leadership4002002 
Education & Personal Development0703000 
Education Communication Center0301001 
Education Innvation and Evaluation4001004 
Educational Advancement3010500 
Educational Leadership4003000 
Electrical & Computer Engineering4507000 
Electronics Design Lab5007000 
Elementary Ed.4003002 
Employee Relations0508000 
Energy Conservation - Chevron9037000 
Engg. Exp. Station4508000 
Engineer Open House4501001 
English as a Second Language4001202 
English Language Pg3003003 
Environmental Design Studio1503000 
Environmental Health & Safety7001000 
Expantion Food and Nutrition3511000 
Ext. Administration3501001 
Ext. Human Nutrition5504001 
Extension Agricultural Economics3501004 
Extension Agriculture & Natural Resources3513000 
Extension Bio & Agriculture Engineer4502001 
Extension Family Consumer3501005 
Extension Field Operations3527500 
Extension Operations3516000 
Extension Plan Report3514050 
Family Studies & Human Services5505000 
Financial Services6007000 
Fire Safety Inspections7002000 
Food Animal Managemnt Center8003001 
Food Safety & Security Res. Facility9037500 
Foundation 5/7 Billing0103003 
Foundation-43.1% Billing0103004 
Foundations & Adult Ed.0103000 
Future Farm Americans9507000 
Garden Maintenance Account1009006 
Golf Course Mgmt Research Foundation0901001 
Graduate School5001000 
Grain Science & Industry - KSUAES1012001 
Grain Science and Industry1008000 
Greek Affairs9302000 
Grounds Maintenance6008000 
Hazard Substance Research Center4517000 
Holton Hall Business Office0707001 
Horticulture - KSUAES1017050 
Horticulture/Forestry/Recreation SVCS1009000 
Housing - KSUS8523000 
Housing Dining Services0706000 
Huck Boyd Institute9514500 
Human Ecology5501000 
Human Nutrition5504000 
Human Resource, Division of0505000 
Industrial Manufacturing Engineering4512000 
Information Document8001003 
Information Systems Office0503001 
Information Technical Assistance Center3012500 
Inst. for Environmental Research4510000 
Intercollegiate Athl- Const0104004 
Intercollegiate Athletics0104000 
Intercollegiate Athletics - Off Campus0909000 
Interfraternity Council9303000 
Interior Architecture1504000 
Internal Audit0501001 
International Agriculture Program1010000 
International Programs0301002 
International Student Center0310000 
James R. Macdonald Lab2014000 
Johnson Cancer Center2004500 
Journalism & Mass Communication2015000 
Journalism Education Association2015001 
Kansas Artif Breed SVC Unit (KABSU)1014000 
Kansas CTR Rural Initiatives6288500 
Kansas Department of Agriculture9800460 
Kansas Forest Service3512000 
Kansas Industrial Extension Service4501006 
Kansas Lottery9804500 
Kansas Turfgrass Foundation1009001 
Karl, INC.3501007 
Konza - KSUAES  
KS Center Agriculture Research   Environment4023000 
KS Ind Ext SR4516000 
KS Reseach & Ext. 4-H Youth Development3507000 
KSDB FM Radio9512000 
K-State Center for Child Development0932000 
K-State Engineer4501002 
K-State Libraries0304000 
K-State Singers2019005 
K-State Union0715000 
KSU Challenge Course9045500 
KSU National Radon Program Services4516001 
KSU PDS Partnership Grant4001201 
KSU Recycling6002001 
KSU Research Foundation9518000 
KSUS - Administration Restricted Fee -   KSUS8519052 
KSUS - Admissions- KSUS8512000 
KSUS - Airport Authority- KSUS8597500 
KSUS - Arts, Sciences & Business -   KSUS8503000 
KSUS - Aviation - KSUS8502000 
KSUS - Building Maintenance- KSUS8519031 
KSUS - Career Service - KSUS8513000 
KSUS - Civil Technology - KSUS8504001 
KSUS - College Advancement - KSUS8508000 
KSUS - Computer Technology - KSUS8504002 
KSUS - Continuing Education - KSUS8515000 
KSUS - Custodial- KSUS8519032 
KSUS - Deans Office - KSUS8501000 
KSUS - Development- KSUS8509000 
KSUS - Electronic Technolgy - KSUS8504003 
KSUS - Engineering Technology - KSUS8504000 
KSUS - Engineering Technology - KSUS8504000 
KSUS - Financial Aid- KSUS8511000 
KSUS - Fiscal Affairs - KSUS8505000 
KSUS - Great West Dining Service8592500 
KSUS - Grounds- KSUS8519034 
KSUS - Gymnasium- KSUS8522000 
KSUS - Housing- KSUS8523000 
KSUS - Information Systems8506000 
KSUS - Instructional Technology - KSUS8516001 
KSUS - Library - KSUS8518000 
KSUS - Mechanical Technology - KSUS8504004 
KSUS - Media Services- KSUS8518001 
KSUS - Motorpool Restricted Fee- KSUS8519053 
KSUS - Operations8519000 
KSUS - Parking Services- KSUS8519051 
KSUS - Postage Restricted Fee-KSUS8519055 
KSUS - Registrar Office- KSUS8510000 
KSUS - Repair Rehab- Construction8790745 
KSUS - Safety - KSUS8530000 
KSUS - Security - KSUS8528000 
KSUS - Student Food Services- KSUS8520001 
KSUS - Student Life Center9201000 
KSUS - Student Union - KSUS8520000 
KSUS - Telecommunications- KSUS8705032 
KSUS - Telnet- KSUS8516000 
KSUS - Upward Bound0918001 
KSUS Facilities Management0518000 
Landon Lecture0101001 
Landscape Arch./Reg. & Comm. Planning1505000 
Laser Project0501002 
Leadership Studies Program0913000 
Livestock Meat Ind Council1005004 
Marching Band2019007 
Marlatt Park Project0504001 
McCain Auditorium2004000 
Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering4513000 
Media Relations & Marketing0901501 
Memorial Chapel (C32300)9050000 
Mid-America Engineer Guidance4501003 
Midwest Desegregation4001003 
Military Science2017000 
Modern Languages2018000 
Multicultural Engr Program4501004 
Multicultural Program Service0707000 
Music, Theatre, & Dance2019000 
Music Run2019008 
National Acadmic Advising Assoc. (NDCADA)4001005 
National Bio & Agro- Defense Facility9101000 
National Gas Machine Lab4513001 
National Institude Land Management4518000 
New Student Services0908000 
Non KSU - Rural Program  
Northeast Area Extension Office3525000 
Northwest Area Extension Office3523000 
Northwest Research & Ext. Ctr. -   KSUAES1021000 
NSF Advance Project/ Provost Office0301004 
Office of International Programs0301006 
Office of Local Government3501006 
Pahnellenic Council9304000 
Parking Services7004000 
Pharmcats/Vet Med8001006 
Phi Kappa Phi9310000 
Photo Services0903000 
Planning & Analsis0305000 
Plant Pathology1011000 
Plant Pathology - KSUAES1011000? 
Police Department7003000 
Political Science2023000 
Postage Service Clearing6011000 
Postal Center6012000 
Power Plant Utilities6013000 
President's Office0101000 
Printing Service0902000 
Prorated SpaceProrated 
Provosts Office0301000 
Public Safety7001000 
Recreational Services0710000 
Registrars Office0911000 
Registrars Office Transcripts0911001 
Research - Pre-Award (** Research Vice Provost)5002000 
Research - Sponsored (**Provost Instr.   Reserve)0301300 
Research Extension Business Office9513000 
Rural Clearing House4001002 
School of Leadership Studies4301000 
Scotts Leadership House6001010 
Secondary Ed.4003004 
Services - Chapel Use6005002 
Services Firm Bid6005003 
Social Anthropology & Social Work2025000 
Society of Women Engineers4501005 
Southeast Agriculture Research1024000 
Southeast Area Extension Office3527000 
Southwest Area Extension Office3524000 
Spec Ed, Counselng, & Student Affairs4002003 
Speech & Hearing Center2026002 
Sports Complex6014000 
Student Activities and Services9522000 
Student Financial Assistance0912000 
Student Health0713000 
Student Life0702000 
Student Publications2028000 
Student Support Services/Trio8535000 
Summer School0302500 
Support Services6010000 
SW Research Extension Center - KSUAES1023000 
Tau Beta Pi9312000 
Telenet 2 Division of Continuing Ed8516000 
The Sensory Analysis Center5504002 
Tribune Branch Experiment Station -   KSUAES1025000 
UFM Community Center9523000 
Unclass Affairs Univ. Compl.0301003 
Undergraduate Admissions0914000 
University Attorney0105000 
University Bookstore, Inc9570000 
University Honors Program0301005 
University Publications0901500 
US Department of Agriculture9524000 
Value Added Center0101003 
Vet Diagnosis8004000 
Vet Med Continuing Education8001002 
Vet Med Maintenance Service Clearing6016001 
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab8004001 
Veterinary Medicine8001000 
Veterinary Medicine, Dean of8001000 
Vice President for Research Office5002001 
Vice Provost IT Services3000500 
Vice Provost, Research Grad School5001000 
VM- Building Maintenance6016002 
VM- Library8001005 
VM- Maintenance Administration6016000 
VM- Maintenance Custodial6016003 
VM- Maintenance Grounds6016004 
VP Admin. & Finance0501000 
VP Institutional Advancement0901000 
Women in Engineering & Science Prog4501007 
Women's Studies0303000 
World Bank Grants Office0310001