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Phi Kappa Phi

Chapter Officers 2016-2017

President:Steven Dandaneau532-1097dandaneau@ksu.edu
Vice President:   
Student Vice President:Dominic Barnes dombarnes@ksu.edu
Student Vice President:  Garrett Wilkinson garrettrwilkinson@ksu.edu
Corresponding Secretary:Jane Schillie532-6017schillie@ksu.edu
Student Membership Secretary:Jenna Roberts(785) 738-3765jlroberts@ksu.edu
Student Membership Secretary:Kaylee Seyferth seyferth@ksu.edu
Treasurer:Cindy Logan532-7448clogan@ksu.edu
Public Relations:Joelle Pitts jopitts@ksu.edu
Past President & Faculty Advisor:Gary Clark532-5590gac@ksu.edu
Faculty Membership
Graduate Fellowship/Internship/Study Abroad
Initiations (Fall/Spring)
Membership Selection
Officer Nominations
Undergraduate Scholarship
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PKP students nominated for Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships

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Literacy Grant Applications due April 1, 2017

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Congratulations to Alyssa Greenwood!

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