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Phi Kappa Phi

Sophomore Scholars 2008-2011

The Kansas State Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi honors outstanding sophomore students for their scholastic achievement. This recognition for sophomores is in addition to selecting juniors, seniors and graduate students for membership in the society.

  Criteria for the Phi Kappa Phi Sophomore Scholastic Award:

  1. Selection is based on the GPA of work taken at Kansas State University. It is to be awarded to only those students
    with the highest GPA in a college.
  2. Students must have at least 30 graded hours at Kansas State University and less than 59 hours of total academic work.
  3. Awards will be given to the student(s) with the highest scholastic record(s) in each college at Kansas State University.
    Two sophomore students are to be selected from colleges with 1500 or more students enrolled while one sophomore
    student is to be selected from colleges with fewer than 1500 students enrolled.
  4. Those students eligible for the award in the College of Veterinary Medicine will be judged on their first-year grades in the
    College of Veterinary Medicine.
CollegeFall 2008Fall 2009Fall 2010Fall 2011
AgricultureElyse Buckley
Daniel Walter Madden
Jessica Dell Briggs
Rebecca Marie Sullivan
Cassandra Kay Kniebel
Meghan Ashley Blythe
Chelsea Ahlquist
Charles Reagan Kays
Architecture, Planning,
  & Design
Christian M. SteadmanElise FaganMitchel LoringJosef Lang
Arts & SciencesTaylor Leigh Connolly
Jammie Layman
Shane Louis Scott
Caleb Samuel Greinke
Sterling Braun
Angela Grommet
Katherine Anne Gentry
Max Landon Goering
Business AdministrationCharissa Dugan
Steven James Urban
Preston E. Herman
Nicholas L. Moeder
Claire Brooke Jensen
Jordan Renee King
Jessica Henry
Tina Ratcliff
EducationMaria Lynn Baumgartner
Bayli Briana Palmer
Kristin McDonnell
Meghan Heeney
Amy Burns
Chrystiana Voth
Natalie Loggans
Kaitlin Long
EngineeringJohn Michael Drouhard
Daniel Thomas Maslen
Andrew Featherstone
Thomas Greer
Sarah Pavlu
Joel Christiansen
Ryan R. Aeschliman
Emily E. Schnell
Human EcologyBrittany Catherine Ganzer
Kelly Elizabeth Harrison
Brooke Johanna Lechtenberg
Melissa Lynn Schwabauer
Jenna Leigh Bellinder
Caitlin Ann Conley
Benjamin C. Harstine
Laura E. Walker
Technology & Aviation
Sarah Mae WildmanBryan ValliereSteven Michael ColgroveAnna Velasquez
Veterinary Medicine
Katherine Lynn EdwardsMax RinaldiEric TempelMelanie Ashton Ray