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Phi Kappa Phi

Sophomore Scholars 2004-2007

The Kansas State Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi honors outstanding sophomore students for their scholastic achievement. This recognition for sophomores is in addition to selecting juniors, seniors and graduate students for membership in the society.

  Criteria for the Phi Kappa Phi Sophomore Scholastic Award:

  1. Selection is based on the GPA of work taken at Kansas State University. It is to be awarded to only those students
    with the highest GPA in a college.
  2. Students must have at least 30 graded hours at Kansas State University and less than 59 hours of total academic work.
  3. Awards will be given to the student(s) with the highest scholastic record(s) in each college at Kansas State University.
    Two sophomore students are to be selected from colleges with 1500 or more students enrolled while one sophomore
    student is to be selected from colleges with fewer than 1500 students enrolled.
  4. Those students eligible for the award in the College of Veterinary Medicine will be judged on their first-year grades in the
    College of Veterinary Medicine.
CollegeFall 2004Fall 2005
Fall 2006
Fall 2007
AgricultureMary Christine Fernholz
Kabel Michael Robbins
Adam Heitman
Nicole Roberson
Rebecca Tokach
Kristen Schulte
Brandy Joy Iams
Andrew Robert McGowan
Architecture, Planning,
  & Design
Adrienne StolwykAlice ChristnerChristina MurmanHeidi Marie Hyland
Arts & SciencesBridget Leann McGuire
Carla Schuster
Dory Deines
Michelle Lecluyse
Shannon Connolly
Nathan Harms
Brian Timothy McCandless
Elizabeth Ann Mendenhall
Business AdministrationGregory Nicholas Corbin
Whitney Blair Galle
Jessalyn Dean
Stephanie McDowell
Stephanie Dlabal
Patrick Amos
Danielle Kaye Devlin
Donald R. Hampton
EducationLindsey Ann Pfizenmaier
Ashley Susan Reinert
Maria O'Halloran
Rachel Williams
James Michael Stanfill
Jessica J. Spare
Emma Verschelden Denner
Monica Jean Strahm
EngineeringJonathan Patrick King
Daniel Peter Mahoney
Zachary Maier
Lisa Mercurio
William Ludwig Bartel
Conner James Griffith
Benjamin Edward Clubine
Jacob Andrew Devolder
Human EcologyChristine Nicole Beausir
Sarah Jane Kuhn
Heather Gartrell
Carolyn McCullough
Dana Celeste Aumick
Genna Mary Christine Gehrt
Courtney Lynn Held
Allison Joy Wilcox
Technology & Aviation
Brendan HaidukLexie BellamyJanelle Nicole BaronChance Alan Haddon
Veterinary Medicine
Megan Liegh MohneyDawn EckertSeth Edwin HartterYaicha Marie Peters