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Phi Kappa Phi

2008-2009 Archives

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Fall 2008
Officers meeting, November 4
Fall Initiation - December 3
   Speaker: Gary Pierzynski,
     Head, Department of Agronomy

Spring 2009
Officers meeting, March 24
Spring Initiation - April 22
   Music: Daniel Fung
   Chapter Meritorious Service Award:
       Kevin Donnelly
   Speaker: Chris Sorensen,
        University Distinguished Professor,
        Department of Physics



    Charles Rice

Vice President:
    Virginia Moxley

Student Vice President:
    Cassandra Morrow

Corresponding Secretary:
    Kevin Donnelly

Student Membership

    Andy Gigstad

    Johanna Lyle

Public Relations:
    Nancy Calhoun

Past President &
Faculty Advisor:

    Richard R. Gallagher
ChairMary Beth Kirkham
Richard Gallagher
William Richter
Jan Wissman
Faculty Membership:
ChairDaniel Fung
Karen McCulloh
Sharon Morcos
Fall/Spring Initiations:
ChairMary Molt
Gayle Willard
Graduate Fellowship/
Internship / Study Abroad:
ChairJim Hohenbary
Laurie Bagby
Sara Kearns
Virginia Moxley
Don Rathbone
Membership Selection:
ChairAG   Kevin Donnelly
AR   Lynn Ewanow
AS   Jim Hohenbary
BA   Anand Desai
ED   Jan Wissman
EN   Richard Gallagher
GR   Carol Shanklin
HE   Virginia Moxley
TC   David Delker
VM   Ronnie Elmore
Officer Nominations:
ChairCharles Rice
Richard Gallagher
Fred Fairchild
Undergraduate Scholarship:
ChairJane Schillie
Claire Dehon
Joye Gordon
Michael Lynch