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President's Commission on the Status of Women

2013 Report to the President

The purpose of the President's Commission on the Status of Women is to review the roles, needs and opportunities of women students, faculty and staff at K-State, and make recommendations for change where appropriate. An annual meeting is held with the President of Kansas State University to present a report detailing the concerns and recommendations of the commission.


Lactation stations: There are six established stations on the Manhattan campus, two in Salina and one in Olathe. The Manhattan locations are: 16 Anderson Hall, 207A Willard Hall, 243A Leadership Studies, 202 Umberger Hall, 302 Umberger Hall and 113 Leasure Hall. We placed login sheets to measure how often the rooms are used and to evaluate if there is a need for additional areas. The log sheets were frequently removed from the rooms,and we are searching for a more effective measurement. We have advertised these rooms on our website and through K-State Today and received some positive feedback and suggestions for future improvement of the rooms.

Educational outreach: We would like to thank the president's team for helping us distribute the health and safety fliers to bathroom facilities across campus.  We transferred the website to CMS to fit with the university's brand and style guidelines. The website provides access to all meeting minutes, names of members and information about the commission's projects.  We also added a general email account, pcsw@k-state.edu, where all inquiries to the commission can be submitted and accessed by members.

Professional development fund: Our first year of providing this service to classified and nonfaculty unclassified employees was successful. We established guidelines for the use of the initial $10,000 fund that was set aside for professional development. Deadlines to apply for this fund are twice an academic year — Oct. 15 and March 15. We funded four requests in October 2012 and 11 requests in March 2013.

Family leave: The commission encouraged the Division of Human Resources to add a short-term disability policy as one of the optional benefits available to K-State employees. Although this is a step in the right direction, it is not a cure-all to the problem many working families encounter when they would like to have a child. The benefit option is an insurance policy and individuals must be able to pay the premium as well as be enrolled in before pregnancy. It also does not help the individuals who need paid leave to care for a family member.

Current and future goals

Lactation stations: We would like to continue to increase the number of rooms across campus, but this is pending necessary funding. Division of Facilities has given us a quote for the addition of four more stations: in Dickens Hall, Trotter Hall, Student Union and the Natatorium. Proposed costs are $20,000 for planning/design and $20,000 in construction. In alignment with K-State 2025 Theme 5, 1d, the commission would like to increase the family friendliness on campus by providing baby-changing stations in all men's and women's restrooms across campus.

Professional development fund: As word continues to spread about the fund as an opportunity to increase work skills we would like to request additional funding to meet growing demands. We also would like to ensure that employees, especially classified, receive paid time off to attend professional development sessions.

Family leave: The commission has plans to communicate with similar women's organizations at all of the Regents universities. Plans need to be made to host a meeting inviting all interested parties to discuss the possibility of a statewide voice in support of paid family leave. Options include introducing another type of leave in addition to vacation and sick leave or having the employer paying for all or a portion of the short-term disability insurance policy. 

In conclusion

The PCSW continues to work to address issues important to women on the campuses and to recommend possible solutions to those issues to central administration.

The PCSW appreciates the support of President Schulz and K-State's administration regarding the progress thus far. Thank you for taking the time to review this report and agreeing to meet with us to discuss the work of the Commission on the Status of Women. We look forward to our continued work with you on behalf of women at K-State.

2012-2013 K-State Commission on the Status of Women


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