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President's Commission on the Status of Women

2016/17 Report to the President 

The purpose of the President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) is to review the roles, needs and opportunities of women, including students, faculty and staff at Kansas State University and to make recommendations to the university president for change where appropriate.

The following provides PCSW's accomplishments for the current year and issues that the committee felt should be brought to the President’s attention.


Professional Development Fund: The purpose of this fund is to support K-State full-time University Support Staff and Unclassified (non-faculty) Professionals in obtaining professional development by providing limited funding. We had 16 recipients of the award this year. Amounts awarded ranged from $72.50 to $500.00 with the highest amount going to a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow presenting a research poster at a national meeting.

Health and safety fliers: The PCSW discussed putting posters in bars in the Aggieville area that gave suggestions on what to do if you were in a situation that made you feel uncomfortable, however it was decided that on-site training for bar personnel in the form of Bystander Intervention would serve the issue much better.   We completed a new poster that lists all of the locations for the lactation rooms for displaying in campus restrooms. We will contact facilities for assistance in putting up holders in the restrooms.

Lactation rooms: The PCSW visited each location of the lactation rooms. They are still in need of newer furniture though one chair was secured by contacting a department that was relocating. We will continue to contact departments as they move to different locations to see if they have that furniture could be useful. There are some organizations across campus that we intend to contact for posters and brochures to add to these rooms. We will update the map with the location of all of the lactation stations on campus and plan to link it to sites such as the PCSW website.


Recommendations for Change

Lack of a SANE/SART nurse program in Manhattan: This is still a major issue for not only women, but everyone at Kansas State. Currently there is not a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner/Sexual Assault Response Team available in Manhattan Kansas. Via Christ Hospital no longer has a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner on staff.  While the hospital must by law provide a medical exam and collect forensic evidence from survivors of sexual violence, including survivors of child sexual assault, the person conducting this exam does not meet the high standard of the SANE program, which ensures the highest standard of care.  Riley County Attorney Barry Wilkerson has supported the addition of this service in Manhattan.  This is a very serious issue with not only a Division I University but also the close proximity of a military base at Fort Riley. We would like to see Kansas State University take an active role in getting this program up and running in Manhattan.

Sexual Violence:  PCSW urges the President to support an open and unconstrained university-wide conversation about sexual assault and our sexual assault policy, encouraging the implementation of a Climate Survey to collect data relating to attitudes, beliefs, and experiences of sexual violence. The PCSW emphasizes the need to continue awareness, training, counseling and reporting of sexual violence.  The Commission recommends that the K-State policy 3010 be amended to adhere to guidelines from the US Department of Education, which instructs that, in regard to off-campus sexual violence, including that which takes place at “houses of fraternities or sororities recognized by the school,” schools must “assess whether there are any continuing effects on campus or in an off-campus education program that are creating or contributing to a hostile environment and, if so, address that hostile environment in the same manner in which it would address a hostile environment created by on-campus misconduct. The mere presence on campus or in an off-campus education program or activity of the alleged perpetrator of off-campus sexual violence can have continuing effects that create a hostile environment.” 


The PCSW will continue to work to address the above issues that are important to women on the campuses, to review other issues or concerns, and recommend possible solutions to those issues.  The PCSW appreciates the support of President Myers and K-State's administration regarding our progress thus far.


Thank you for taking the time to review this report and we look forward to meeting with you and discussing our continued work on the behalf of women at K-State.

2016-2017 President’s Commission on the Status of Women (8075)

Felisa Osburn , University Support Staff  Representative, Chair

Soumia Bardhan, Faculty Representative  

Wendy Barnes, Unclassified Professional Representative

Kate Behan, Salina Faculty Representative

Linda Henriksen, Faculty Representative  

Brenda Nowakowski, University Support Staff Representative

Jayme Reid, University Support Staff Representative

Sarah Reznikoff, Faculty Representative

Laura Widenor, Unclassified Professional Representative


Joshua Arnoldy, Student Representative

Miranda Moore, Student Representative

Katherine Wurm, Student Representative


Ex officio:

Clara Valadares Kientz, CARE

Sara Thurston, International Programs

Angela Hubler, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

Zelia Wiley, Interim Associate Provost, Diversity

2016-2017 President’s Commission on the Status of Women (8075)


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