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President's Commission on the Status of Women

Current Projects

Work/Life Balance

Developing a paid family leave would fit with K-State 2025 Theme 5's goals of ensuring compensation -- including non-monetary -- for all employees comparable to our benchmark institutions and regional employers, and implementing programs to improve work/life balance.

The PCSW is aware that this is a State of Kansas issue. At present, while there is support for this benefit in the K-State community, there appears to be less support for such a benefit change at some of the other Regents institutions. The PCSW will continue to explore and advocate for this benefit with other institutions and the state.

Professional Development Fund

This goal aligns with K-State 2025 Theme 5. The PCSW will review and grant funds for up to 50 percent of expenses with a maximum of $500 per academic year.  Deadline for applications is March 15 of each academic year.  View the Application for Funds (pdf).

Lactation Stations

One area of need on campus has been for permanently designated rooms that can be used by nursing women to express breast milk. Rooms 016 Anderson Hall, 207A Willard Hall, 243A Leadership Studies, 202 Umberger Hall, 302 Umberger Hall and 113 Leasure Hall have been established as lactation stations on the Manhattan campus. These six areas have each been equipped with privacy dividers, an electrical outlet, a table and a chair. There are also two designated areas at K-State Salina -- 117 Salina Technology Center and the Student Life Center female restroom -- and one area at K-State Olathe, room 212. Plans are underway for additional rooms in Dickens, the Natatorium, Trotter and the K-State Student Union. If you have any suggestions, changes or comments about the lactation stations please contact us at pcsw@k-state.edu.

Health and Safety Fliers

The fliers near the sinks in campus restrooms are an ongoing project of the PCSW. We are always open for ideas on the subjects and designs of these fliers, and help is needed regularly to replace fliers with newer topics. 

Current and past fliers:


Counseling Services - female

Counseling Services - male

Drink Responsibly