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President's Commission on the Status of Women

Commission Members

To contact the President's Commission on the Status of Women with any questions, concerns or comments, please email us at pcsw@k-state.edu.

Faculty Representatives

Beverly Earles

Associate Director, English Language Program
International Programs

Melia Erin Fritch

Assistant Professor
Hale Library

Sara Luly

Assistant Professor
Modern Languages

Unclassified Professional Representatives

Kiley Moody

New Student Services

Barbara Nagel
Assistant Registrar
Office of the Registrar
Ann Pearce

Staff Assistant
Education and Personal Development

University Support Staff Representatives

Carrie Fink - Commission Chair

Public Service Adm II
Office of the Registrar

Julie Wilburn

Procurement Officer II
Division of Financial Services

Hanna Manning
Senior Administrative Specialist
Division of Communications and Mrktg

Salina Representative

Patricia Ackerman

Associate Professor of Language Arts
Graduate Program Director

Student Representatives

Jennifer Frederick
Jordan Martin
Deyni Mejia-Zaccaro

Ex Officio Representatives

Myra Gordon

Associate Provost
Diversity and Dual Career Development

Michele Janette

Director/Associate Professor
Women's Studies

Sarah Webb

Assistant Dean
Office of Student Life

Brian Niehoff

Associate Provost/Professor
Provost Office

Jessica Haymaker

CARE Coordinator
Student Life Office

Sara Thurston Gonzalez

International Student and Scholar Services