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Office of Institutional Equity

Anti-Discrimination Training

"The University will strengthen its commitment to providing an academic and work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment by educating all employees on the expectations of recognizing and preventing harassment and other types of discrimination."

- President Kirk Schulz

Online Anti-Discrimination Training

The goal of this training is to help all supervisors, administrators, faculty, and staff understand the University’s policy and expectations for reporting incidents that may violate the Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Stalking (PPM 3010). The online training will be offered in five languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

All KSU faculty and staff are required to complete this course.


Initially the training will be delivered in phases. Employees in each phase will receive an email inviting them to take the training.

  • An email invitation to complete the training will be sent on July 28, 2014 to the President's cabinet, Office of General Counsel, and the Division of Human Capital Services staff
  • Phase I begins on August 4, 2014. All staff that report to the President, Administration and Finance, Division of Communication and Marketing, Athletics, Office of Research, and Office of Student Life will receive an email invitation to complete the training
  • Phase II begins on August 18, 2014. All faculty and staff that report to the Provost will receive an email invitation to complete the training

All staff is expected to complete the training within 60 calendar days of receipt and will receive follow-up reminders until the training has been completed. If further assistance is needed, contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 785-532-6220 or by email at affact@ksu.edu.

In Person Anti-Discrimination Training

To complete this training requirement in a live classroom setting see the training calendar for available dates and times. You may enroll through HRIS Self-Enrollment to receive immediate confirmation (If you are unfamiliar with the Self-Enrollment process, please refer to KSU Training Enrollment directions). Or e-mail learning-develop-hr@ksu.edu and include your name, department, employee ID number (required), course title and course date. Enrollment will be confirmed by an e-mail response to the sender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to complete the training?

All current Faculty, Unclassified Professionals, and University Support Staff.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Newly hired faculty and staff must complete the course during new hire orientation or within sixty calendar days of hire. All existing faculty and staff must complete the online training within 60 calendar days.

How often do I need to complete the course?

Faculty and staff are expected to complete the training on an annual basis.

How long is online training course?

It is recommended you allow 1 hour when scheduling time for the online training. Most employees can complete the training in 30-45 minutes.

Can I take the course anytime I like?

Yes. The training can also be started and stopped without completing it. You will be allowed to pick up where you left off when you restart the training on the same computer.

Is the training offered in languages other than English?

Yes. The training is offered in five languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

I do not have access to a computer. How will I complete the training?

Employees can work with their supervisors to use the resources at Hale Library. In person training will also be available.

Will in person training sessions also be available?

Yes. In person training will be available.

How do I access the required Anti-Discrimination training?

An email will be sent to employees that will contain a link to the training website.

How can I review my training records and see when I last completed the training?

Log into the Employee Self Service in HRIS. A training summary can be found under Learning and Development.

I have additional questions regarding the required training. Who should I contact?

For additional questions contact the Office of Institutional Equity, 785-532-6220. Or email equity@ksu.edu.