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Office of Institutional Equity

Guidelines for Changes in Terms and Conditions of Employment

The Office of Institutional Equity must review and approve changes in employees' terms or conditions of employment except for normal merit salary increases and terminations. The following must be reviewed: changes between regular and temporary status; changes in percent time; and, title changes. A letter should be sent through appropriate channels to OIE justifying the change. Institutional Equity will indicate approval by signing the letter and returning a copy of the original to the unit requesting the change.

    1. Part-time to Full-time or Vice Versa.

      Every effort will be made to accommodate an employee request for a temporary or permanent change of status from part-time to full-time, or vice-versa; however, the University is not obligated to change an employee's status, particularly if it causes hardship to a program. An employee in regular status will not be required to change their status, unless financial exigency is in effect. A term employee may be required to change their status, reflecting the need for their services, as a condition of employment.

When a change in an academic or administrative program results in changes in the responsibilities and qualifications of a position such that the position no longer seems to fit in university support staff (USS) service, a request may be made to convert the position from USS to unclassified service. The written request should be addressed to the director of the Division of Human Resources and the director of the Office of Institutional Equity. To facilitate a thorough and prompt review of the request, the letter must include:

    1. justification to remove the position from USS service,
    2. proposed salary and title for the position, and
    3. current position description in the unclassified format.

The subsequent review may include:

    1. comparison to similar positions within the University structure,
    2. comparison of job duties to all applicable state classification specifications,
    3. review of similar positions within the Regents system,
    4. review of the reporting structure, and
    5. on-site review of the position (meeting with the incumbent, supervisor, & unit head).

The director of the Division of Human Resources and the director of the Office of Institutional Equity will provide a joint response to the administrator making the request. If the request is approved, the director of the Division of Human Resources will abolish the USS position. The administrator will need to contact the Budget Office to arrange for the transfer of tenths and funding for the position. Unclassified professionals are guaranteed a year's notice of non-reappointment after two years of service (see Faculty Handbook Appendix A). The two years of service required for this notice may be waived in instances where the person has served at least two years in the USS position.