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Office of Institutional Equity

Checklist for Student Employment

These procedures apply to the filling of monthly, hourly and work-study vacancies. They do not apply to graduate assistantships.

  1. For each position (or group of positions if they are essentially alike) write a job title or brief job description expressing the duties to be performed. List any necessary or preferred qualifications. Include the phrase "Equal opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer."
  2. All student positions should be advertised. All students should be given an equal opportunity to apply. Publicize student jobs by one or more methods:
    • Listing with Career and Employment Services;
    • Posting on appropriate campus bulletin boards;
    • Listing in departmental newsletters and other appropriate forms of communication with students; and/or
    • Advertising in the Collegian.
  3. Make a selection on the basis of your evaluation of the applicant's abilities to perform the duties specified in the job title. Every effort should be made to recruit and hire students of color.
  4. Brief recruitment and selection records of student employees should be kept in the employer's office.