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Office of Institutional Equity

Sex Discrimination Guidelines

The University complies with the Sex Discrimination Guidelines contained in 41 C.F.R. Section 60-20, and the controlling federal court decisions involving these guidelines; more specifically, Kansas State University will do the following:

  1. The University will continue to recruit employees of both sexes for all positions as they open.
  2. When advertising in the newspapers or other media for job openings, the University will not express any sex preference or place advertisements in columns headed "Male" or "Female." Additionally, when employment advertisements are published, they include the statement "Kansas State University is an equal opportunity employer. Recommended addition: KSU actively seeks diversity among its employees.”
  3. All written personnel policies relating to job policies and practices do not discriminate against employees on account of sex.
  4. The University makes no distinction based upon sex in employment opportunities, wages, hours, or other conditions of employment. In the area of employee contributions for insurance, pensions, welfare programs, and other "fringe benefits," both men and women are treated on an equal basis.
  5. No distinctions are made between genders with regard to marital status. This applies to job applicants with young children.
  6. The University maintains appropriate physical facilities for both sexes. The University has not and will never refuse to hire or deny particular jobs to persons of either sex because there are no appropriate rest room or other associated facilities.
  7. Women at the University will not be unlawfully penalized in conditions of employment because they require time away from work on account of child bearing. Kansas State University fully complies with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  8. The University does not maintain a policy of mandatory termination or retirement because of age for either sex.
  9. The University's wage schedules are not related to or based upon the sex of its employees.
  10. The University makes every effort to avoid the concentration of members of one sex in any job classification. The University makes jobs available to all qualified employees in all classifications without regard to sex and does not discriminatively restrict any job classification to members of one sex.
  11. The University has planned affirmative action (detailed elsewhere in this Plan) to recruit women to apply for jobs where they may be or have been underutilized.
  12. The University makes no distinctions based on sex in training programs. Access to training programs is not dependent on one's sex.
  13. The University has a policy prohibiting sexual harassment in the work force.
  14. Disabilities due to pregnancy are treated the same as any other disability.