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Office of Institutional Equity

Compliance with Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Religion or National Origin

  1. Equal Employment Policy

    Kansas State University does the following to ensure that all applicants and employees are not discriminated against because of religion or national origin:

    The Affirmative Action Officer reviews employment practices:
    1. To determine whether members of various religious and/or ethnic groups are given equal job opportunities, giving particular attention to those employed in or applying for positions in management job groups.
    2. To ensure non-discrimination without regard to religion or national origin, Kansas State University is involved in the following outreach or recruitment activities:

      1. Kansas State University communicates its obligation to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to religion or national origin to all employees. Supervisory personnel receive management training in the area of equal employment and fair labor practices.
      2. Internal procedures exist at Kansas State University to implement equal employment opportunity without regard to religion or national origin.
      3. A variety of recruitment sources are used to ensure equal employment opportunity without regard to religion and national origin.
  2. Accommodations to Religious Observance and Practice

    Kansas State University accommodates, where reasonable, the religious observances and practices of employees, except where such accommodation causes undue hardship on the conduct of Kansas State University business. University needs, financial costs and expenses, and resulting personnel problems, in conformity with applicable law, determine the extent of our obligation.

  3. Non-discrimination

    In implementing its equal employment opportunity policy regarding non-discrimination because of religion or national origin, Kansas State University does not discriminate against any qualified employee or applicant because of race, color, religion, sex, disability, or national origin.

Action Programs Support
  1. The University allows employees to serve on community boards and as elected public officials.
  2. The University and its employees participate in a variety of community support programs and/or organizations.
  3. The University will make available any of its personnel for lectures promoting women and minorities in the industry.
  4. The University will publicize the achievements of minority, non-minority, female, and male employees in local and minority news media.
  5. Kansas State University honors requests for donations in the form of contributions, advertising, and services. Kansas State University and its employees plan, sponsor, and participate in numerous community-oriented activities and social programs, including the United Way and Blood Donor Programs.
Consideration of Minorities and Women not Currently in the Work Force Having Requisite Skills who can be Recruited Through Affirmative Action Measures

The University takes affirmative action to recruit minorities and women with requisite skills who are not currently in the workforce. In this connection, the University will take the following measures to reach out to recruit said persons:

  1. The University places help-wanted advertisements in newspapers that are likely to reach households in which there are minorities and females who are not currently in the work force.
  2. The University will recruit at schools, colleges, and universities to attract minorities and females who are not currently in the work force.