Music Symposium Schedule Special Features Location Registration

_8:00-_8:30....Registration, Continental Breakfast: Leavengood Courtyard
_8:30-_8:45....Introduction and Welcome - Room 204 Dr. Jana Fallin, Director of the Summer Music Symposium
_8:45-_9:00....Introduction and Welcome - Dr. Kirk Shultz, President of Kansas State University
_9:00-10:00...Why Include Popular Music in Schools?:

Dr. Robert H. Woody, Associate Professor of Music Education, & Dr. Dale Bazan , Assistant Professor of Music Education, School of Music, University of Nebraska - Room 204

Woody, R. H. (2007). Popular music in school: Remixing the Issues. Music Educators Journal,93(4), 32-37.
Woody, R. H. (2004). Reality-based music listening in the classroom: Considering students’natural responses to music. General Music Today, 17(2), 32-39
Ongoing research on The Academy of Rock in Lincoln, NE

Apple Garage Band & Songwriting Workshop [6/26 6:00pm-9:00pm & 6/27 9:00am-6:00pm]

10:00-10:30.Special Interest Sessions:

Influencing Student interest: Thomas Bell - Room 201
Cultural Relevance:
Dr. Robert Woody - Room 204
Historical Significance:
Dr. Steven Maxwell - Room 104

10:30-10:45...Coffee Break - Leavengood Courtyard - Visit Booths (Music Supply Closet - All day)
10:45-10:55...Dance-a-day: Corbin Trimble - Room 204

11:00-11:30...What is Legitimate Music for Teaching [small group discussion] - Room 204
11:30-11:45...Group sharing from small group discussions

12:00-_1:15...Box Lunch Picnic at the New WWII Memorial in the McCain Auditorium Courtyard.

Featuring Rememberances of World War II - Orris Kelly, Chaplin (Major General) USA retired; followed by a performance of popular music by the Show Choir of Junction City High School, Jennifir McGillis, choral instructor. (in All Faith's Chapel)

_1:30-_3:00...Criteria for Musical Integrity: A Popular Music Experience Dr. Julie Yu and Dr. Joshua Oppenheim - 204

_3:00-_3:15...Coffee Break - Leavengood Courtyard (Music Supply Closet - All day)

_3:15-_4:15...Teaching the History of Rock Music: Dr. Steven Maxwell - Room 204
_4:30-_5:00...Popular Music in Performance: Dr. Tod Kerstetter - All Faiths Chapel; Handout from the Presentation

_5:15-_6:30...Dinner on your own: (Advisory Council Meeting and Dinner - Famous Dave's BBQ)

8:00-_8:30...Continental Breakfast - Leavengood Courtyard
_8:30-_8:45...Announcements - Room 204
_8:45-_9:45...Professional Development from the Rock'n Roll Museum: live from Cleveland, Ohio - Room 204

This professional development session shows teachers how to integrate popular music into classrooms across disciplines while meeting educational standards. As participants explore the music and lives of selected Rock and Roll Hall of Fames Inductees, they learn activities that help students appropriately explore the sounds, messages, and social impacts of rock and roll. The session concludes with an open discussion period.
Here you can access the article that Jason Hanley referred to (from the "Rock Hall") referred to: Journal of Popular Music Studies

_9:45-10:30...Who Determines What is Popular?: Thomas Bell - Room 204

10:30-10:45...Coffee Break - Leavengood Courtyard (Music Supply Closet - AM only)
10:45-10:55...Dance-a-day: Corbin Trimble - room 204

11:00-12:00...How can popular music be integrated into our curriculum? (Small Group Brainstorming Sessions)

General Music Teachers Elementary/Secondary: facilitator Meredith Knapp - Room 204
Grade 7-12 Teachers Choral/Instrumental: facilitator - Richard Philbrook - Room 201

12:00-_1:15...Lunch on Your Own
_1:30-_2:15...Special Interest Sessions

Strategies for Elementary/Secondary General Music Classes: Dr. Carla Maltas, Central Missouri State University - Room 204
The Music of Duke Ellington:
Dr. Wayne Goins - Room 201
The Real Inventors: Thomas Bell -
Every thing on the radio was ripped off from more original, true artists. - Room 104

_2:15-_3:00...Special Interest and Literature Sessions

Teaching Beginning Guitar: Dr. Wayne Goins (bring your own guitar or contact Dr. Jana Fallin if you need one supplied) - Room 201
Band literature for every level with Senseney Music- Room 204
......Identifying Quality Compositions and Arrangements of Popular Music from many eras

_3:00-_3:30...Coffee Break - Leavengood Courtyard

3:30-_4:30...Special Interest and Literature Sessions


Choral Literature for upper elementary & secondary with Senseney Music - Room 204
.......Identifying Quality Compositions and Arrangements of Popular Music from many eras
Latin Popular Music: Dr. Kurt Gartner
- Room 201

_4:30-_5:00...Popular Music in Performance: The Northview Children's Choir, Lori Davis, instructor: All Faiths Chapel

6:00-_7:30...Symposium Party: Hibachi Hut/Texas Star is open just for us (buffet and cash bar)

_7:30-_8:30...Performance with the City Band: Larry Norvell Band Shell, City Park

_8:00-_8:15...Meet at McCain, then Walk to Bluemont Hall
_8:15-_8:30...Continental Breakfast - Leavengood Courtyard & Dance-a-day: Corbin Trimble - room 204

First Annual Music Technology Institute - Writing Music with Sibelius July 13-15; Registration

_8:30-_9:00...Walk to Bluemont Hall
_9:00-10:30...Working with Apple's iLife and Web-based Resources: Cyndi Danner-Kuhn - Bluemont Hall 021

Delicious Link

10:30-10:45...Coffee Break

10:45- 4:15...Group Projects: (groups assigned : Bluemont 21 technology lab...Lunch on Your Own..break as needed)

_4:30-_5:00... Popular Music Experience: Dr. Julie Yu and Dr. Joshua Oppenheim - Room 204

_6:00-_9:00...Banquet at Alumni Center: (Brookville Catering) Music Making -My Life : John Richard

Silent Auction for the Dick Mason Scholarship Fund

_8:00-_8:30...Continental Breakfast - Leavengood Courtyard
_8:30-_9:15...Sharing Technology Projects: Created on Wednesday and future plans
_9:15-_9:45...Using Video Conference for Ensemble Clinics : Julie Yu & Josh Oppenheim
_9:45-10:15...Sharing Instructional Ideas : Invitation to contribute to a teaching unit site, Dr. Jana Fallin
10:15-10:25...Dance-a-day: Corbin Trimble
10:25-10:40...Coffee Break - Leavengood Courtyard

10:45-11:45...Using the InTune Magazine Fitting Popular Music into our Curricular Mission: (room 204)

InTune Monthly: Editor-in-Chief Emile Menasche and In Tune Partners CEO Irwin Kornfeld, Live from New York via video conference

12:00-_1:15...Lunch in Aggieville Pizza Hut

_1:15-_2:30...Special Interest Sessions What Teachers are Already Doing

General Music (room 204):
1:30-2:00 Heather Augustine - "The ABC's of Pop" 26 practical tips on how to incorporate pop music in your classroom without compromising "real music" instruction.
2:00-2:30 Karen A. Miyamoto "popular music in Hawaii" presented from the Hawaii Department of Education

Secondary Vocal/Instrumental (room 201):
1:30-2:00 Adam Kruse - "rock bands as an ensemble" presented from Indiana via video conference
2:00-2:30 Susan Keith - "Journaling and Karaoke"

_2:45-_3:15...Popular Music in Performance: Professor Bill Wingfield showing his popular side - All Faith's Chapel
_3:30-_4:00...Reflection and Closure - Room 204

* Special interest sessions include groups for elementary, choral, and instrumental music teachers offering a wide range of pertinent information for today's music educator.

Special thanks to Sue Yocum, Kathleen Stump, and the Advisory Board for providing all breakfast and coffee break snacks.

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