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Seaton Hall

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Seaton Hall serves several K-State academic departments, principally the College of Architecture, Planning and Design. It also contains the Chang Gallery and the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, among others. The building features a green roof with a plant garden and stepping stones, and a quaint courtyard is enclosed by the walls of Seaton Hall and Seaton Court.

Building offices


After construction of the original east wing in 1909, Seaton Hall expanded to add two more wings in 1922 and 1959. Today the wings surround the sizable interior court, a popular spot for studying or relaxation.

Dr. Roy A. Seaton, for whom the building was named, graduated from Kansas State College in 1904. His first academic appointment was assistant in mathematics. In 1906 he transferred to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 1920 he became dean of the Division of Engineering and Architecture and director of the Engineering Experiment Station.