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Chad Jackson 

309 Calvin Hall

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66502




K-State Launch a Business (LAB)

K-State, through support from KS State Bank, is offering an exciting outreach program to help Kansas based entrepreneurs launch and grow new ventures by leveraging unique K-State resources.  LAB provides access to world-class K-State faculty, students, and alumni mentors for up to 20 high-potential startup concepts (including up to 10 from Global Food Systems industries) over an intensive 5-week period.

Applications for K-State LAB 2015 have closed.

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What’s In It For Me?

  • No cost, no equity
  • Access to world-class faculty
  • Student research team
  • Alumni mentor and industry expertise
  • Startup grants provided to those that complete the program

Eligibility Criteria

  • Innovative, for-profit, scalable business idea
  • Based in Kansas
  • Founder receptive to feedback and “has what it takes”
  • Desire to validate idea and can commit to the program
  • No outside funding raised