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Research Foundation

Research Foundation

For Inventors and Creators

Have you discovered something that you think might be patentable or otherwise protectable? It could be an apparatus, process or composition of matter that is useful and unique. If you have, contact our office or complete an invention disclosure form. We are here to advise and assist you.

We have created the Tech Transfer FAQ that answers many of the common questions you may have. More...

For Industry

K-State has an active program to facilitate technology licensing and transfer (commercialization) of intellectual property developed by University faculty. This process is facilitated through a partnership between Kansas State University Research Foundation and the Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization (KSU-IC). The Research Foundation has the responsibility for managing the intellectual property portfolio of the University with KSU-IC serving as the Research Foundation's commercialization agent. More...

News and Events

Research Seminar



Our Mission

To promote, encourage, and aid scientific investigation, research and technology transfer at Kansas State University. We strive to assist K-State's faculty, staff and students in developing and protecting their discoveries and inventions to return the greatest advantage to the creators, K-State and the general public.

Please download a copy of the Research Foundation's brochure [PDF]

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A Quick Summary of Research Foundation Activities for Calendar Year 2014 [PDF]

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