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Great Plains IDEA

Great Plains IDEA

Kansas State University
119 Justin Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506



Please note: program titles listed below reflect the wording on the student's diploma for master's degrees and transcript notation for certificates.

Master of Science in Agricultural Education & Communication
Admissions Contact: Jason Ellis

Master of Science in Community Development
Admissions Contact: Rachel Robillard

Master of Science in Dietetics
Admissions Contact: Karen Rogers

Food Safety & Defense Graduate Certificate
Admissions Contact: Elsa Toburen

Master of Science in Family and Community Services
Admissions Contact: Denise Fangman

Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning
Admissions Contact: Tierra Dimond

Master of Science in Gerontology and Gerontology Graduate Certificate
Admissions Contact: Pam Evans

Grassland Management Graduate Certificate
Admissions Contact: Walt Fick

Horticulture Graduate Certificate
Admissions Contact: Kim Williams

Master of Science in Apparel & Textiles (Merchandising)
Admissions Contact: Gina Jackson

Master of Science in Family Studies & Human Services (Youth Development) and Youth Development graduate certificates
Admissions Contact: Denise Fangman

To apply to a program at K-State
Complete an ONLINE application for admission to the Kansas State University Graduate School. The Graduate School requests that all students complete an online application in order to expedite the processing time.

KSU does not require GRE scores for admission to Great Plains IDEA programs. Click the program links above to view complete departmental requirements for admission. Students must have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA for Graduate School entrance. In special cases, students not meeting the minimum GPA requirement may be granted provisional or probationary admission status. Please see sections C.2 and C.3 of the K-State Graduate School handbook for additional information.