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The first local tournament
By Carol | Novermber 2011
Was held successfully with total 46 participants from Omaha, Lawrence, Kansas City and Wichita.
Accept Sponsorships
By Carol | Novermber 2011
Newly sponsored by corporate sponsors and business groups.
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By Jai | 11:55 AM
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Badminton is not a slow game as you may think..!!

The fastest recorded tennis stroke is Ivo Karlovic's 156 mph (251 km/h) serve at 2011 Davis Cup whereas the fastest badminton stroke during gameplay was Fu Haifeng's 206 mph (332 km/h) recorded smash at 2005 Sudirman Cup. You know which one is faster.

Badminton gives you large amount of exercise..!!

In one badminton game, a diligent player runs as much as 6 km (3.7mi) , two times of the length a tennis player runs in a tennis game, within half of the time that a tennis game cost.

Do you still think badminton is easier?
After all, badminton is as fun as other sports.

Law of badminton
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Smash Lecture 2
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