Student Organizations


Tau Beta Sigma

President, Kelsey Scheuerman

I am Kelsey Scheuerman, a senior in Musc Education from Deerfield, Kansas. I am a clarinet and piano player and love being part of the K-State Music Department! I hope to teach K-6 Elementary music and beginning band, orchestra and mariachi some day, I love working with children! Tau Beta Sigma is a great organization that I enjoy being in because we love getting together to serve the bands but also have a fabulous time! I love spending time with my brothers and sisters! In addition to Tau Beta, I am also involved in NAfME Collegiate, KMEA and volunteer at the T. Russel Reitz Animal Shelter.

Vice President of Membership, Morgan Hook

Morgan Hook is a junior in Public Health and Nutrition from Grapevine, Texas. She plays clarinet and is a section leader in the K-State Marching Band.

Vice President of Service, Cassi Dean

Cassi Dean is a junior in Nutritional Sciences from Olathe, Kansas. She plays mellophone in the K-State Marching Band and horn in the K-State Wind Ensemble.

Treasurer, Jordan Parker

Jordan Parker is a junior in Biology from Topeka, Kansas. She is a drum major for the K-State Marching Band.

Secretary, Abby Thompson

Hello brothers and sisters! My name is Abby Thompson and I’m a sophomore majoring in Music Education. My primary instrument is the clarinet. My three favorite places in the world are Manhattan, Kansas; Omaha Beach, New Zealand; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If it's purple I will probably buy it, and if it has glitter on it, I probably already own it. Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi are both very close to my heart. The girls and guys I’ve met in these organizations have become some of my closest friends. I love supporting and servicing K-State’s outstanding music groups! Go Cats!

Kappa Kappa Psi

President, Brett Eichman

Brett Eichman is a senior in Music Education from Dodge City, Kansas. Brett is a drum major in the Marching Band, previously played tenors on the Drumline and participates in Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, University Band, and various jazz bands.

Vice President of Membership, Josh Peterson

Josh Peterson is a sophomore in Music Education from the Kansas City Area. Josh plays tuba in the Marching Band and bass clarinet in the Wind Ensemble.

Vice President of Service, Robert Larson

Robert Larson is a junior in Music Education. He plays trombone in the Marching Band and in the Wind Symphony.

Treasurer, Max Dunlap

Max Dunlap is a sophomore in Music Education from Lakin, Kansas. He plays euphonium in the Marching Band and Concert Band.

Secretary, Eli Gillespie

Eli Gillespie is a sophomore in Music Education from Wichita, Kansas. He plays trumpet in the Marching Band and Concert Band.