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Scheduling update: We will not be open on Sundays until the fall semester begins.
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CrossFit is about building community. Come be a part of the experience!

  • Bored with your workout routine? CrossFit classes are designed to be constantly varied, functional fitness performed at a high-intensity relevant to your fitness level.
  • Want to learn new skills, such as handstands, Olympic lifts, one-leg squats and pull-ups? CrossFit will teach you those skills and more with proven, individualized, step-by-step instructional methods.
  • Do you think you're in excellent shape and you want a chance to prove it? You can train to compete in local, regional and international CrossFit competitions.
  • Do you have a functional limitation that hinders your workouts such as back or knee pain from an old injury? Regain your range of motion and muscular strength and endurance through the functional movements of CrossFit.
  • CrossFit workouts are done in a group, with movements scaled to your fitness and ability level under the direct supervision of a trainer. You will receive individualized feedback, yet pay a fraction of the cost that you would for a personal trainer.


CrossFit Benefits my Back

"I wanted to let you know CrossFit has been working well for me. You know I had some reservations after my first class -- knees, back and hip. However, I would like to thank you, Bryan and Shely for your encouragement and patience.  Bryan and Shely are very good at coaching to ensure proper positioning during the exercises to ensure safety and proper technique. Although I questioned whether my back could handle the strenuous exercise, I have found it actually feels better now after six weeks of CrossFit than it did after one year of going to the Chiropractor monthly. Don't get me wrong, CrossFit is really hard work. I still get tired and sore. I still have years of muscle imbalances and flexibility issues to work on. But, overall I really feel I am finally moving in the right direction. Thanks to all three of you."  - Tonyia S.

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