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Home and the Holidays

It's Finals Week at K-State and our thoughts move towards "Home." Whatever and wherever home is for you, we hope that you enjoy Winter break and make a little history.

Mark A. Chapman as a toddlerHOME

After decades in the city
I'd grown tired of the drone of Loop 610, Houston.
A frenetic freeway has its virtues, but tranquility not one of them.
Dozens of house and porch plants eased the pain,
but country called.
The feelings I had growing up in Kansas,
the rustle of the cottonwoods as the river coasted by.
I told Cheryl I wanted to hear a distant crow.
An extensive searched netted Almosta Ranch,
one side a distant vista of grazing cattle,
woods on the other.
In our backyard, deer feed gently and sometimes bed down for the night.
The pines whisper nice things while
Spanish moss undulates in the oaks
gently flowing like curtains in an open window.
Cardinals, finches, and hummingbirds, all manner of fowl fill the air,
cooing doves serene background music.
Hot, dry summers calm the soul.
Only a few showers wanted to cool the earth
and add a green complexion.
While mallard ducks claimed our ponds,
the picture was complete, the journey finished. I'm home.

December 21, 2010

Mark Chapman, Native Kansan, K-State Alum, and Friend of the Chapman Center for Rural Studies 

Have you visited our blog,"The Rural Telegraph," featuring original student research or swung by the Chapman Center for Rural Studies on Facebook and Twitter? #MakeHistory and come on by.


Adams' Collection Research Honors Family
This past summer, returning intern, Jessica Hermesch, began working with a specially donated collection of military records in the University archives to build a narrative of a family's history, beginning with the service of George Adams, Sr., in World War I. Read more...

Six Months of Research Pay Off
MJ Morgan and students presented to an interested audience at the High Plains Museum on October 18. Read more...

The Goodland Identity Project
An art student with a love of landscape photography, an agricultural business major, a graduate student in women's studies and public history, and a GIS grad student specialist from the geography department: these talented students have tackled the far western town of Goodland, county seat of Sherman County. Read more...

In Loving Memory of Mark A. Chapman (1943-2014)
We lost a very close member of the K-State family early on the morning of April 18, 2014. Mark A. Chapman passed away after suffering a stroke a few weeks before (April 5). Mark was 71. Read more...

Tweets from the Teens:
A College Student and His Family Keep in Touch, 1906-1912: the Dave Redmon Historic Postcard Collection. One of the most interesting projects to come to Chapman Center this spring is the Redmon Historic Postcard Collection. Read more...

Generations of Success, A Photographic History of Kansas State University
2013 marked Kansas State University's 150th year as the country's first fully operational land-grant university - and the first public university to open in Kansas. Read more...

The Chapman Center for Rural Studies is an undergraduate research-based center that provides hands-on experience in doing the real work of historians. We are located in 111 Leasure Hall in the heart of the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, KS.

The office hours are Mon/Tues: 10:30am-5:00pm, Wed/Thur: 8:00am-2:30pm, F: 8:00am-12:00pm.

Call us at (785) 532-0380.

Search through the Chapman Center's on-going project, the Lost Town Digital Archive: Lost Kansas Communities.

For more information, e-mail us at or contact the director, Professor Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, at

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