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Behavioral Ecology

Ringneck snake - Diadophis punctatus



  • 10-15 inches total length
  • Found under rocks in all habitats, though mostly in open woodlands
  • Active at night
  • Feed on earthworms and small amphibians


 ringneck mapInteresting fact:
  • While ringneck snakes do have fangs at the back of their jaw, they cannot generally open their mouths wide enough to bite a human with those fangs.  They also almost never try to bite and even if they were able to connect with their fangs, their venom is so mild, that it would feel most like a sweat bee sting.  However, ringnecks do try to convince potential predators that they are dangerous, by exposing the the warning colors of their bellies when disturbed.  They will typically also roll their tails into a tight spiral to better display it's red ventral color.