HouseMother's Club

In 1979, the housemothers adopted a series of bylaws incorporating them as an official organization. Each housemother is asked to submit a small fee to be an official member. The club elects a series of officers. The Housemothers Club meets regularly for social interaction, personal support, and professional development. It's not unusual to see housemothers hold a Mom's Night Out, gather to swap recipes and enjoy a meal, join together to celebrate a holiday, organize a service project, or get all costumed up to ride through the Homecoming parade. This group enjoys its work and loves to have fun!

Housemothers Club Officers


Melanie Moss, Delta Sigma Phi

Vice President






Courtesy Committee




Resources for Members


Housemothers Club Handbook

2009-2010 (PDF)

2008-2009 (PDF)