Application Deadlines

Applications must be submitted by the following deadlines. Applications submitted after the appropriate deadline will not be considered. Awards will be announced within 10 days following the application deadline.

Month of TravelApplications Accepted StartingApplication Deadline
JulyMarch 1May 1
AugustApril 1June 1
SeptemberMay 1July 1
OctoberJune 1August 1
NovemberJuly 1September 1
DecemberAugust 1October 1
JanuarySeptember 1November 1
FebruaryOctober 1December 1
MarchNovember 1January 1
AprilDecember 1February 1
MayJanuary 1March 1
JuneFebruary 1April 1

Please note

Students traveling over an interval of time that falls within two months must submit an application for the month that the travel begins. For example, a student who will be traveling from August 27-September 2 must submit an application for the August month of travel.