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GSC travel award application

Before you begin...

The GSC travel award application form appears at the bottom of this page and begins with a brief training on GSC travel grant requirements, guidelines, and policies that must be completed in order to access the application.  

If you do not complete the training or the application form in their entirety and return to the form at a later time, you will need to start from the beginning. We suggest that you review a list of required information for the application before beginning the training and application so that you are sure to have all of the required information available.

Additional documentation that must be submitted with your application:  
  • If you will be giving a presentation of research or scholarly/creative work or are a non-presenting author on a presentation, you must submit the presentation title, abstract, and list of authors (or similar documentation you submitted to event organizers).
  • If you will be giving a presentation (or are a non-presenting author) or are taking part in any other form of active engagement in the event (e.g., conducting a workshop; participating in a case competition; serving as a panelist, commentator, or discussant) and if your participation must be approved or selected by the event coordinators, you must submit a copy of acceptance/selection notification with your travel grant application.*  
  • If you will not be doing any of the above activities, proof of event registration* (ex: conference/meeting registration confirmation, study abroad acceptance letter, etc.) is required.

*NOTE: If you will not receive your proof of event acceptance or event registration prior to the GSC travel grant application deadline, please indicate this in the comments box at the end of the application form.  If you are awarded funds, the funds will be contingent upon submitting the required documentation prior to travel.*

Application deadline

The application deadline is the first of the month, two months prior to the month in which the event you plan to attend officially begins. Please carefully review application deadline information to make sure your travel grant application is submitted by the deadline for your travel event.

Application Form 

Fill out my online form.

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