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GSC travel award application

Application Checklist

Before you begin the GSC Travel award application, review the application checklist to make sure you have all required information and documentation that will be requested in the application. You will NOT be able to save an incomplete application, so you’ll want to be sure you have all necessary information and materials to complete the application in its entirety before beginning.

Important note regarding proof of presentation/activity

If giving a presentation or actively participating in the event in some other way, you must provide documentation that verifies your activity. This documentation is NOT required at the time that you apply for a GSC travel award. The GSC recognizes that you may not receive acceptance notification from event coordinators until after the deadline to apply for a GSC travel award. As long as you complete all other required parts of the GSC application by the respective application deadline, your application will be considered for funding. If selected for funding, you will be required to submit this documentation prior to travel. Please see the application checklist for more information about required documentation

Major Professor Endorsement Form

The Major Professor Endorsement Form must be completed with your major professor's signature and uploaded in the online application. The form may be completed electronically with an electronic signature. The form also may be printed, signed, and scanned as a PDF to be uploaded in the application form. A form with the major professor's name typed in the signature line will NOT be accepted. See the application checklist for other required documentation.

If you are unable to obtain a signature from your major professor and submit the form with a completed application by the respective application deadline, it is acceptable to obtain a signature from your department head or graduate program director.

Application deadline

The application deadline is the first of the month, two months prior to the month in which the event you plan to attend officially begins. Please carefully review application deadline information to make sure your travel grant application is submitted by the deadline for your travel event.

Note for international travelers

Students traveling abroad for purposes that do not involve earning credit that will transfer back to K-State should also complete a brief risk management application with the Office of International Programs Education Abroad Office.

For students engaging in a more traditional study abroad experience that involves transferring course credit back to KSU, the student should contact the Education Abroad Office to schedule a meeting with an advisor.

Begin the Travel Grant Training and Application Form