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Capitol Graduate Research Summit

March 10, 2017
2nd Floor Rotunda of State Capitol Building, Topeka

The following graduate students represented K-State at the 14th annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit (CGRS) on March 10, 2017. The CGRS is an annual showcase of research conducted by graduate students from Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State University, University of Kansas, the University of Kansas Medical Center, and Wichita State University. Participants share their research posters with state legislators and members of the Kansas Board of Regents. The top presenters from each university will received $500 scholarships sponsored by the participating institutions and BioKansas.

*$500 University Award Winner
**$500 BioKansas Award Winner


Degree Program

Presentation Title

Sam Emerson

Human Nutrition, PhD

Characterizing the inflammatory response to a high-fat meal in healthy adults: A systematic review

Regina Enninful

Agronomy, PhD

Characterization of parents of sorghum mapping populations exposed to water-deficit stress during the vegetative stage

Matthew Galliart

Biology, PhD

Experimental natural selection of big bluestem ecotypes across the great plains: a novel test for the strength of local adaptation

Catherine Steele

Psychology, PhD

Diet-induced impulsivity: The effect of high-fat and high-sugar diets on the mechanisms of impulsive choice

Md Zahidul Karim

Civil Engineering, PhD

Characterizing soil erosion potential using electrical resistivity

Jack Lemmon

Animal Sciences, MS

Effects of intensive late-season sheep grazing following early-season steer grazing on population dynamics of sericea lespedeza in the Kansas flint hills

Ryan Schmid*

Entomology, PhD

Protecting Kansas wheat: Assessment of a novel hessian fly monitoring strategy

Tri Tran

Civil Engineering, PhD

Determining surface roughness in erosion testing using photogrammetric method

Joshua Weese

Computer Science, PhD

Bringing computational thinking to K-12

Zheng Zhao**

Biological and Agricultural Engineering, PhD

Developing multiplexed detection of blood exosomal markers for diagnosis of ovarian cancer



K-State Graduate Research, Arts, and Discovery (GRAD) Forum

Event Date:
March 30, 2017 
K-State Student Union

The K-State GRAD Forum is an annual showcase of K-State graduate student research, scholarly work, and discovery. This on-campus event provides graduate students from all disciplines an opportunity to share their work with the K-State community and to gain experience presenting their work in a professional setting.

View the 2017 K-State GRAD Forum Abstract Booklet
View the 2017 K-State GRAD Schedule

Information for Presenters
Poster Guidelines and Set Up:
  • Posters must not exceed five feet in width. Posters will be displayed on walls approximately 6 feet tall.  
  • Use of foam boards and attachment of three-dimensional objects to posters is highly discouraged to ensure posters will attach securely to walls/display boards. 
  • All materials for poster display (e.g., push pins, display boards/walls) will be provided by the Graduate Student Council.
  • Posters should be displayed the entire day and may be collected after the awards ceremony. Presenters will need to be present with their posters during a two hour period (exact time to be determined).
  • Poster presenters must prepare a brief (3 minutes or less) oral presentation of their poster that can be understood by a general audience and should be prepared to answer questions from judges and attendees. 
  • Presenters will be provided with a sample judge evaluation sheet in the spring.
Oral Presentation Guidelines and Equipment:
  • Students giving oral presentations must give a 10-minute talk on their research using language that can be understood by a general audience, after which judges and attendees will be invited to ask questions. 
  • Presenters should prepare a PowerPoint presentation or a similar form of visual presentation to accompany their talk. 
  • Tech equipment for PowerPoint presentations will be provided.  
  • Additional instructions about uploading presentations prior to the event and a sample judge evaluation sheet will be provided in the spring. 

Sessions and Awards

K-State faculty judges will select the top presenter to receive a scholarship award in each of a variety of categories. The types and number of awards to be distributed will depend on participation and funding. Additional details will be provided at a later time. 

Faculty and Post-Doc Judge Volunteers

Complete the Judge Volunteer Forum to express your interest in serving as a judge and to report times you are available on March 30.

**Judges may be assigned to evaluate posters and talks in an area of research very different from their own research/scholarly background.**

Graduate students participating in the K-State GRAD Forum are instructed to communicate their work in a way that can be understood by the general public. To provide an evaluation of presentations from this perspective, some judges will be assigned to evaluate posters in an area of research or scholarly work very different from their own.

The GSC Research Forums Committee will contact volunteers by early March with notification of their judging assignment or to inform them that they are not needed to serve as a judge.



Research and the State

November 2, 2016
K-State Student Union
Poster presentations, 1-3 pm, Courtyard (ground floor)
Announcement of winners, 4 pm, Big 12 Room
Event Purpose

K-State graduate students present posters of their research or scholarly work. The top 10 presenters are selected to represent K-State at the annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit (CGRS) held in the spring at the Capitol Building, where graduate students present their posters and discuss the implications their work has on issues in the state of Kansas. Presenters interact with state legislators, members of the Kansas Board of Regents, and the public. Additionally, Research and the State is a great opportunity for graduate students to share their research or scholarly work with the campus community  

2016 Research and the State Abstract Booklet

Poster Guidelines and Set-Up
  • Posters for Research and the State must not exceed 4 feet in width and 3 feet in height. Posters that exceed these dimensions may be disqualified.
  • Posters will be hung on portable walls and push pins will be provided. 
  • Mounting posters to foam boards and attaching three dimensional objects to posters is discouraged because these materials can make it difficult to attach the poster to the portable walls.
  • Presenters are to check-in and set-up their posters between 12:15pm-1:00pm in the Union Courtyard on November 2.
Tips for a successful presentation 
  • Posters should be designed and presented in a way that can be understood by a broad audience. You will be presenting your work to an academically diverse audience, so you should not present your work in the same way that you would for experts in your field. 
  • View videos of Three Minute Thesis competition winners and utilize Three Minute Thesis preparation resources to prepare the three-minute oral presentation of your poster.  
  • The Writing Center is an excellent resource to for helping students effectively communicate their research to a broad audience. Presenters are encouraged to contact the Writing Center to schedule an appointment with a tutor. 

Faculty and Post-Doc Judge Volunteers

All judge positions have been filled, and instructions have been emailed to assigned judges. On November 2, assigned judges should check-in at 12:45pm at the registration table in the Union Courtyard to receive judging materials.

Judging related questions may be directed to Megan Miller at mmmiller@ksu.edu or 532-6191.


Questions about research forums may be directed to the Graduate Student Council at egsc@ksu.edu or the Graduate School at 785-532-6191.