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Officers and Committees

2017-2018 Executive Committee

If you have questions about the Graduate Student Council, interested in joining any of the committees, or have some great ideas you would like to share with us, drop us an email at egsc@k-state.edu. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the committee chair.


derek headshot

Derek Lawson

PresidentPh.D. in Personal Financial Planning

 emily headshot

Emily Pascoe

President-elect Ph.D. in Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design 

heather headshot

Heather Love

SecretaryPh.D. in Couple & Family Therapy 

tebila headshot

Tebila Nakelse

TreasurerPh.D. in Agricultural Economics

Graduate Student Council Committees


This committee is chaired by the treasurer and consists of members who volunteer to serve.

Hyung Hwa Oh

Kelsey Peterson
Elliott Dennis
Jacob Miller

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognitions is a standing committee within the GSC. The committee works together to recognize graduate students for their achievements.

Emily Pascoe

Alexis Carpenter
Preston Morgan

Kimberly Morrison

Student Affairs & International Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee is part of the Graduate School Council seeking to provide student support and services, engage students through events and activities and enhance student growth and development. We provide programming through social events and offer activities geared for improving the well-being of all graduate students. This committee is also responsible for considering issues related to international graduate students and consists of members who volunteer to serve.

Ayyappan Elangovan, Nandini Sarkar and Bhupinder Sandhu

Erika Davis
Allison Stratton

Jessie Gardiner

Patalee Buddhika Mallika Appuhamilage

Meetha James

Professional Development

GSC strives to provide informational meetings, workshops and forums that enhance the professional development of graduate students. The council promotes interdisciplinary activities to enrich graduate students' education beyond their own disciplines. The council also sends out information on various seminars held across campus every week to the council members, to be shared with their graduate student groups.

 Miranda Cook


Jana Thomas
Jacob Miller
Annamarie Sission
Renee Wilkins-Clark


Research Forums

This committee is primarily responsible for organizing and promoting graduate and undergraduate research through the K-State Research Forum, Research and the State and the Capitol Graduate Research Summit.

Manzamasso Hodjo and Rakib Mowla


Jason Gaumer
Nicholas Neumann
Bhupi Sandhu
Nathan Voss
Nannan Shan
Patalee Buddhika Mallika Appuhamilage

University Representative Committees

Health Insurance

This committee works to identify health insurance needs of domestic and international graduate students.


GSC-SGA Liaison (SGA Cabinet)

One graduate student represents the GSC on a committee formed by the K-State Libraries to discuss how the K-State Libraries can better serve students, faculty and staff.


Union Governing Board

For more information, see the website.

Jana Thomas


One graduate student represents the GSC on a committee formed by the K-State Libraries to discuss how the K-State Libraries can better serve students, faculty and staff.

Audrey Opoku-Acheampong

Women of K-State

Women of K-State is an initiative that coordinates the efforts for the recruitment, retention and advancement of the women of K-State. The mission is to create a structure and support system that helps K-State provide a superlative environment for the growth and advancement of all women.

Heather Love

State Relations 

Chaired by the Governmental Relations Director, this committee is comprised of campus community interest group representatives, such as the Faculty Senate president, SGA leadership or representatives, a GSC representative, deans from the colleges, and other administrative members of the President's Cabinet. The committee meets weekly in the spring to hear an update of the happenings in the Kansas Legislature and of those items of interest to K-State and higher education.


Rec Services 

One graduate student appointed by the GSC serves on a 12-member voting council with the purpose of the Recreational Services Council being to serve as a general governing and policymaking body for the Recreational Services Department. The Council is responsible to the assistant vice president of Institutional Advancement, and is charged with overseeing the Recreational Services program for: Students, Faculty/Staff, Alumni, Guests, and others as authorized by council.


Alayna Colburn

Graduate Student Senators
  • Gibson Akers
  • Elli Archer
  • Glen Buickerood
  • Nicole Grandy
  • Kylie Andres
  • Marcus Kidd
  • James Krotz
  • Russell Harp
 Honor Council
  • Trenton Colburn
  • Judith Bautista
  • Matthew Harder
  • Nicholas Sevart
  • Chelsea Dixon
  • Christopher Satterfield
  • John Hutson
  • Candace Gatson
  • Danielle Sutter
  • Tracee Watkins
  • Hunter Stanfield
  • Jana Thomas
  • Christina Wilson
  • Alexis Carpenter
  • Jin Kim
  • Hilary Dalton