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Graduate Student Leadership Development Program

The Graduate Student Leadership Development Program (GSLDP) provides K-State graduate students an opportunity to develop leadership skills to make positive change in your work, studies, and student organizations. Through this semester-long experience, you will work with peers and professional leadership coaches to dive into challenges that are most important to you. The Staley School of Leadership Studies and the Kansas Leadership Center have created this program specifically for graduate students who want to move beyond technical expertise to solve problems.

The learning objectives of this program are:

• Distinguish between authority and leadership
• Understand the concepts of adaptive leadership including diagnosing the situation, managing the self, intervening skillfully, and energizing others
• Understand how to facilitate change in self, others, and community
• Exercise leadership on difficult challenges in personal and professional settings

Graduate students who have had no leadership experience to those who have filled numerous leadership roles, to everyone in between is welcome to apply for this program.

Participant Testimonials

In Spring 2015, this program was piloted with graduate students in the College of Engineering. This year, the program is being expanded to graduate students in all disciplines. Here's what some of the Spring 2015 participants had to say about the program.

"My idea of leadership has been changed. I have tried some [of the instruction] in my day-to-day life ... and I am getting prolific results."

"The [phone] coaching sessions have been the biggest benefit so far. It has enabled me to develop a strong idea of the cross-disciplinary issues of leadership."

Spring 2016 Schedule

If accepted into the GSLDP, you must attend and participate in all program activities.

Introduction to Leadership Workshop

Wednesday, February 10
Leadership Studies Building Room 127
This workshop will introduce participants to the program, community, and learning framework. Participants will begin to explore the role that leadership can play in their personal and professional lives.

Kick-Off Session

Friday, February 26
Leadership Studies Building Room 127
Developing leadership competencies to make progress on adaptive challenges. Students will be introduced to the peer group and coaching call that will occur throughout the program

Peer Consultation Meetings

90 minutes each
GSLDP participants will meet in small groups once each month in February, March, and April. Groups will determine their own meeting times. In these monthly meetings, participants will discuss progress toward their personal goals in relationship to the leadership framework and will provide their peers with feedback to aid in their continued leadership development.

Kansas Leadership Center Coaching Sessions

30 minutes each
GSLDP participants will complete one coaching session via telephone each month in February, March, and April with one professional Kansas Leadership Center coach. These certified coaches will help reinforce leadership theory and principles, and encourage participants to experiment with applying the competencies to real-life challenge

Send-Off Session and Certificate Presentation

Wednesday, April 27
Leadership Studies Building Room 127
Reflection on leadership learning from the program. Students will explore future applications


K-State graduate students interested in participating in the GSLDP must complete a brief online application form. Up to 30 K-State graduate students may participate in the program.

Application deadline: January 22, 2016 at noon

Applicants will be notified of whether or not they are selected for participation in the program by February 3, 2016.

The application form has closed.  Late applications ARE NOT being accepted.


The Spring 2016 Graduate Student Leadership Development Program is sponsored by the College of Engineering, the Graduate School, and Academic Excellence Funds from the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President.