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Graduate Student Leadership Development Program

The Graduate Student Leadership Development Program (GSLDP) provides K-State graduate students an opportunity to develop leadership skills to make positive change in your work, studies, and student organizations. Through this ten-week experience, you will work with Leadership Studies faculty and your peers to dive into challenges that are most important to you. The Staley School of Leadership Studies, the Graduate School, and the Kansas Leadership Center have created this program specifically for graduate students who want to move beyond technical expertise to solve problems.

Program learning objectives:

  • Distinguish between authority and leadership
  • Understand the concepts of adaptive leadership including diagnosing the situation, managing self, intervening skillfully, and energizing others
  • Understand how to facilitate change in self, others, and community
  • Exercise leadership on difficult challenges in personal and professional settings

Participant Testimonials

Here's what some previous participants had to say about the program and how they will implement what they learned.

"The content really got me to think deeper about leadership and what it means not only to me in my career and community but also what it means to others."

"I used to believe leadership is all about the leader. Now, I know everyone is involved in the process."

"I plan to actively engage others who do not agree with me on issues in order to better understand their point of view."

"The peer consultations taught me to really look at a situation from someone else's perspective, which I think is the most important part of trying to understand a situation."

"I developed a better understanding of the importance of purposeful interaction with people who are different from me."

"I plan to utilize the leadership skills I have identified and work to improve some of my weaker areas by stepping outside of my comfort zone."

Spring 2018 Schedule

If accepted into the GSLDP, you must attend and participate in all program activities.

Introduction to Leadership Development

Friday, February 23
Leadership Studies Building

Introduction to the program, community, and learning framework. Participants will begin to explore the role that leadership can play in their personal and professional lives. 

Exercising Leadership for Change

Wednesday, March 7
Leadership Studies Building

Developing leadership competencies to make progress on adaptive challenges. Students will be introduced to the peer group and the process that will occur throughout the program, which consists of small group learning community meetings designed to help you make progress on personal/professional challenges.

Leadership for What

Wednesday, May 2
Leadership Studies Building

Reflection on leadership learning from the program. Students will explore future applications.

Peer Consultation Meetings

90 minutes each

Three small group learning community meetings (various times) designed to help you make progress on personal/professional challenges. 

Access to Kansas Leadership Center Resources

Participants will have access to Your Leadership Edge book and online resources from the Kansas Leadership Center.


Graduate students who have had no leadership experience to those who have filled numerous leadership roles, to everyone in between is welcome to apply for this program.

Complete a brief online application form to be considered for the program.

Application deadline: February 9, 2018 at noon

Up to 36 K-State graduate students will be selected for participation in the program. Applicants will be notified about selection by February 16, 2018.


The Spring 2018 Graduate Student Leadership Development Program is sponsored by the Graduate School and the Staley School of Leadership Studies.

Questions about the Graduate Student Leadership Development Program may be directed to Megan Miller, Project Coordinator of Student Services, mmmiller@ksu.edu, or 785-532-6191.