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Appendix C: Graduate Student Reinstatement Procedure

An individual who has been denied continued enrollment may petition for reinstatement to the K-State Graduate School and readmission to the same program or admission to a different program. Petitions are heard by a committee of the Graduate Council and a decision is rendered by the Dean of the Graduate School.

1. Guidelines for Reinstatement

a. The petitioner must contact the Graduate Program Director of the program to which she/he wishes to be reinstated or admitted.

b. The petitioner must obtain the support of the graduate program to which she/he wishes to be reinstated or admitted.

c. The petitioner must write a letter to the Dean of the Graduate School petitioning for reinstatement.

d. The supporting graduate program must send a letter to the Dean of the Graduate School indicating their willingness to support the individual’s petition for reinstatement to K-State Graduate School specifying any conditions.

e. Upon receipt of the letters indicated above, the Associate Dean of the Graduate School will appoint a committee and schedule a hearing with the petitioner and program representative. The Associate Dean of the Graduate School will appoint, from the membership of the Graduate Council, three committee members, including one graduate student. A member of the Graduate School staff will be selected as secretary (without vote).

2. Hearing

a. Prior to participation of the petitioner and program representative, the hearing will be called to order by the Associate Dean of the Graduate School who chairs the committee (without vote). The role of the committee will be presented and discussed.

b. The petitioner will then be asked to participate in the hearing. The petitioner will have the option of having a program representative present during the hearing.

c. The chair will request the petitioner to present an overview of his/her request.

d. The committee may question the petitioner to obtain information needed to help in determining the decision to support or not support the reinstatement request.

e. The petitioner will be given an opportunity to summarize his/her request. The petitioner then will be dismissed from the hearing.

f. The chair will invite the program representative, if not already present, to join the hearing.

g. The committee will ask the program representative questions regarding the program's support for the petition. The program representative will then be dismissed from the hearing.

h. The committee will deliberate and a motion will be made and approved either to support the petition with or without specific conditions, or not to support the petition.

i. The chair will submit the committee's recommendation to the Dean of the Graduate School who will make the final decision.

j. A decision letter will be sent to the petitioner with copies to members of the committee, department head, graduate program director and program representative.

k. The petitioner's letter, letter of support from the graduate program, recommendation of the committee to the Dean of the Graduate School, and the response from the Dean of the Graduate School shall be placed in a file by the hearing committee chair. This file shall be retained in the Graduate School for at least three years following the conclusion of the reinstatement hearing. Each party may, at its own expense, copy the record or any part thereof at a place and time to be determined by the Dean of the Graduate School.

3. Enforcement of the Graduate School's Decision

The Dean of the Graduate School has the authority and responsibility to enforce the decision.