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Ervin W. Segebrecht Honorium Award Process

Call for Nominations: 2018

The Dean of the Graduate School will send a Call for Nominations for the Ervin W. Segebrecht Honorium to the department heads in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering on or before January 15, 2018 to distribute to their faculty.  The Call for Nomination will include eligibility, nomination process, and application materials to be submitted to the Graduate School.  Faculty members can nominate one or more of their peers who meet the eligibility criteria for the award.  The nomination letter should include the following:  name and rank of nominee, contact information, and a maximum of a half page statement of how nominee meets eligibility criteria and is worthy of the recognition. The deadline for submitting nominations is February 1, 2018.   The Graduate School will notify the faculty members who were nominated and request them to submit the application materials by February 23, 2018.

Nomination Materials

The Dean of the Graduate School will notify each faculty of their nomination on the same day and will request the faculty to submit the nomination materials to the Graduate School by a specified date.

The faculty nominee will submit the following materials to the Graduate School: a summary of accomplishments in teaching, research, and service; curriculum vitae, and TEVALs for the past two years.

The summary should not exceed two pages double spaced with one inch margins. 

Selection of Recipient

Two faculty members from the Department of Chemistry and two faculty members from the Department of Chemical Engineering will be appointed by their respective department heads. The Dean of the Graduate School will act as the Selection Committee Chair and will have full voting privileges.

The Selection Committee will meet within a maximum of three weeks of the receipt of the nomination materials and make a decision.

The Dean of the Graduate School will notify both the department head, recipient, and the K-State Foundation of the award and will provide the recipient instructions on how the honorarium will be paid.  The Marketing Coordinator for the Graduate School will prepare a news release for K-State Today and will work with the Division of Communication to distribute the news release to the local media.  The Dean of the Graduate School will notify all other nominees that they were not selected.


Nomination deadline

February 1, 2018

Application materials submitted

February 23, 2018