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Recruitment Tools

The Graduate School is here to assist graduate programs with tools for recruiting great students. Faculty and students are the best recruiters and have discipline specific information potential students want to know. Included below are materials for you to print out for use when attending conferences. 

Recruitment Brochure            Grad program template

 Recruitment Brochure            Grad Program Recruitment Template Example

Recruitment Funding

Top doctoral students are a prized resource in higher education, and the recruitment of these students occurs most productively when pursued collectively.  It is our experience that “recruitment weekends” are one of the most effective graduate recruitment strategies.

We are offering a funding opportunity to assist programs desiring to bring admitted doctoral students to campus for a spring 2016 visit.  The Graduate School will fund a limited number of graduate programs up to $5000.  To receive the maximum award, a program must have 10 or more admitted doctoral students participating in the event.  Programs that plan to bring fewer than 10 students to campus would request funding of up to $500 per student.  Programs will be expected to make the travel arrangements and provide any additional funding necessary to support activities.  Funding will be provided for doctoral applicants. Read more.

Recruitment Weekend Grant Application Form

Recruitment Fairs

We are attending recruitment fairs, conferences and meetings throughout the year to meet and recruit prospective K-State graduate students. Take a look at the recruitment schedule to see where we will be going and if your unit would be able to provide recruitment materials for us to take with. 

Diversity Recruitment

We have some ideas and best practices for recruiting diverse graduate students, and equally important, diverse faculty. Thanks to our colleagues at the University of Minnesota who have shared these tools with us. Please have a look at their handbooks, created just for faculty. 

building on best practices for diversity             best practices for equity and diversity with diverse faculty

University of Minnesota's Graduate Diversity Recruitment and Faculty Recruitment Handbook 

The Graduate School would like to share the this document from the Council of Graduate Schools on Holistic Admission. Recruitment includes the admission review process, and we want to encourage consideration of holistic review. It refers to a less quantitative, data-driven approach to the admission review process, focused not as strongly on test scores and GPA, but the whole person with their personal attributes and strengths. It also encourages considering the whole cohort and what each student offers the group. 


International Student Guide Brochure
This brochure provides graduate international students with information to have a successful transition to K-State.

Graduate Student Life
Find out what life is like for a K-State graduate student. From professional development events to ice cream socials, there are many opportunities available to get involved!