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Graduate School

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Graduate School
Kansas State University
119 Eisenhower Hall
1013 Mid-Campus Dr.
Manhattan KS 66506

800-651-1816 (toll free)

785-532-2983 fax

Employment Opportunities

Degree Analyst

The position exists to assist with the Graduate School admissions process. The primary objectives are to assist and/or evaluate international or domestic applications, prepare I20’s for shipment to students, assign advisors, check and record transcripts, assist with check in for international students and linking in INOW. The person in the position must be able to use the tools and knowledge to answer numerous admission questions that come up, must be able to adapt to change because the admissions process is constantly changing with new rules being added and procedures and must have the ability to conduct themselves professionally in all situations.

The person in this position must be professional in all situations, knowledgeable of all aspects of graduate study, have superior communication skills to determine what is needed and provide information clearly and concisely; must be able to determine if serious problems are developing with a visitor and the best course of action to be taken. Incumbent must be able to analyze our procedures and suggest changes to be made through the constant interactions with clients of the Graduate School. As the primary contact with most visitors and over the telephone, this person is largely responsible for the impression that others have of the Graduate School and therefore, must provide quality service that is the primary goal of the Graduate School. This person has the responsibility to defuse as many difficult situations as possible, and conversely, could be responsible for creating serious problems if incorrect information is dispensed or if communication is ineffective or irresponsible.

Degree Analyst 

This position reviews Master's and Doctoral students in assigned graduate programs.  Reviews the program of study and changes to the programs of study; assesses student progress for requirements to take their final examinations; processes ETDR and ProQuest submissions; assists with arrangements for commencement; handles diploma ordering, holds and distribution; provides backup to other staff members when needed; provides consistent, positive interaction with all staff and faculty.