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Graduate School

Welcome and Orientation Activities for Graduate Students

Graduate School Orientation

The Graduate School hosts an orientation session for all new graduate students on the Manhattan campus in the week prior to the start of each fall and spring semester. All new graduate students, including those who recently completed an undergraduate degree program at K-State, are strongly encouraged to attend this session, which is typically held on Wednesday.

Additional Sessions and Activities

In addition to the orientation session for new graduate students, the Graduate School and other student support units coordinate other informational and welcome sessions and activities for new and continuing graduate students. 


Advance registration is requested for many of the welcome and orientation sessions and activities. Detailed schedule information and access to online registration forms can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate semester below.

Fall 2017

Students admitted to a graduate program in the summer term should attend Fall orientation.

Spring 2017
Prepare for Your Arrival to K-State in Manhattan

Visit the Incoming Graduate Students page to learn more about the K-State campus and the Manhattan area.

Check-list and Orientation for Global Campus Students
Students completing a graduate program via distance through K-State’s Global Campus, who will not be residing in the Manhattan area and will not be utilizing on-campus resources, do not need to attend the on-campus welcome and orientation activities in Manhattan. These students should view the check-list and orientation videos for distance students.