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Graduate School

We are a safe and caring campus. Reports of Academic Violations, Conduct Violations, Discrimination, Students of Concern, and Clery Act crimes may be submitted at the Report It page.

Graduate School
Kansas State University
113-119 Eisenhower Hall
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Manhattan KS 66506

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Graduate Student Ambassadors

K-State Graduate Student Ambassadors are the friendly faces you see here at Kansas State University.  They are a diverse and supportive group of students selected to provide campus tours and help answer questions from prospective students on what makes our community so great! They are active on Graduate School social media, sharing their experiences on graduate student life.

The Graduate Ambassadors are here to be a welcoming presence for all potential students. They come from a variety of academic backgrounds and disciplines, from large cities and small towns all around the world, each with a unique perspective. Please review their program, interests and background on their profiles, and strike up a conversation by email.

If you would like to book a graduate student campus tour, please visit Campus Tours.



Carly Aulicky
PhD in Biolgoy
Undergrad institution: Rutgers University


Judith Bautista
PhD in Chemistry
Undergrad institution: Park University

ross bergsten

Ross Bergsten
MS in Biolgoy
Undergrad institution: Bethany College


Jennifer Brown
PhD in Curriculum and Instruction
Undergrad institution: University of Mount Union


Mian M. Farrukh Raza
PhD in Economics
Undergrad institution: Quaid-e-Azam University

emily koochel

Emily Koochel
PhD in Human Ecology, Applied Family Science
Undergrad institution: Kansas State University


Sarah Kuborn
PhD in Human Ecology, Applied Family Science
Undergrad institution: Manchester College


Kelsey McDonough
PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Undergrad institution: North Carolina State University

haripriya naidu

Haripriya Naidu
PhD in Civil Engineering
Undergrad institution: Gitam University


Sarif Patwary
PhD in Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design
Undergrad institution: Bangladesh University of Textiles 

jessie gardiner

Jessie Piper
PhD in Human Ecology, Applied Family Science
Undergrad institution: Kansas State University

spencer smith

Spencer Smith
MS in Grain Science
Undergrad institution: Kansas State University

lori thomas

Lori Thomas
PhD in Animal Science
Undergrad institution: University of Missouri, Columbia

tanya wineland

Tanya Wineland
MS in Academic Advising
Undergrad institution: Virginia Commonwealth University