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Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

    Joseph Michael       2014 SUROP Group

The Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (SUROP) at Kansas State University (KSU) gives undergraduates from under-represented groups a first-hand experience with the research process. This experience is designed to help students prepare for graduate school and other advanced study. Participation in a program such as SUROP provides a first-hand look at the process and excitement of discovery through research and such experience is viewed favorably by the admissions committees for graduate and professional schools. Students in the SUROP program are supported by partnerships between the K-State Graduate School, the Kansas IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE) and the hosting departments. 

Students participating in the SUROP will spend nine weeks during the summer at K-State working closely with faculty members as part of their research teams. Faculty members have on-going scholarly programs that continue through the summer. Students are expected to spend about 40 hours per week working with their research teams and to be contributing members of this group. By the end of the 9-week period, students should have produced tangible results from experimental research and will report the results in a special research forum.

Participants will also attend weekly seminars to learn more about the graduate school experience and are strongly encouraged to attend other events and activities organized by the SUROP coordinators.

The program for summer 2017 begins on May 30, 2017 and concludes on Friday, July 28, 2017. Selected participants are expected to arrive to Kansas State University May 28 or 29.

2017 SUROP students

• Celeste Cotton, mentored by Nicholas Wallace, currently studying at Langston University
• Jordan Howard, mentored by Kimberly Kirkpatrick, currently studying at Florida Southern College
• Daniel Miramontes, mentored by Carlos Castellanos, currently studying at San Francisco State University
• Justis Pettit, mentored by Masaaki Tamura, currently studying at Langston University
• Arnaldo Torres, mentored by Ryan Rafferty, currently studying at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Ponce
• Jalen Thompson, mentored by Karin Westman, currently studying at University of Montevallo

Summer Professional Development Seminars

Undergraduates who are in Manhattan for the summer can get professional development, research, and resume or curriculum vitae experience at Kansas State University. 

This summer, the Graduate School is offering a professional development certificate to undergraduate students who attend all five of the professional development seminars.

These seminars are designed to help students prepare for the graduate school experience by covering topics that range from research ethics to networking and building your professional network. All undergraduates are welcome to attend.

The following seminars will be 3-5 p.m. in Fiedler Auditorium:

  • June 5: "Preparing for Research"
  • June 19: "Graduate School Application Process"
  • June 26: "Financial Support for Graduate School"
  • July 10: "Effective Oral and Poster Presentations Skills"
  • July 17: "Networking and Career Development"
Stipend and Financial Support

The Kansas State University Graduate School provides participants with a stipend of $4,500 paid in three installments. In addition, the program pays travel expenses (up to $300) and residence hall room and board. The student is expected to pay for personal expenses from the stipend amount.

Participating Departments for Summer 2017

This list may be updated throughout the Fall 2016 semester.

Click on the departments below to view lists of faculty members available to serve as mentors and to learn more about their work. 

Anatomy & Physiology
Masaaki Tamura
Peying Fong
Jeffrey Comer
Zhoumeng Lin
Robert DeLong

Carlos Castellanos (see Interdisciplinary section below)

Thomas Platt
Brad Olson
Loretta Johnson
Nicholas Wallace
Jocelyn McDonald
Anna Zinovyeva
Govid Vediyappan
Alice Boyle

Biology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Kathrin Schrick

Christopher Culbertson
Ryan Rafferty
Takashi Ito

Computer Science
William Hsu (see Interdisciplinary section below)

Karin Westman

Mark Crosby
Katy Karlin
Cameron Leader- Picone
Lisa Tatonetti

Melanie Derby

Family Studies and Human Services
Amber Vennum

Horticulture, Forestry, & Recreation Services
C.B. Rajashekar

Human Ecology
Michelle Toews

Psychological Sciences
Donald Saucier
Kimberly Kirkpatrick

Interdisciplinary Research

Art/Computer Information Sciences

Carlos Castellanos (Art) and William Hsu (Computer Science) are available to co-mentor a student with computer science or engineering background on an interdisciplinary project.

  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens.
  • Applicants should have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale, be majoring in a field listed above or a related field, and have a career goal that includes graduate-level education.
  • Students should have at least sophomore standing and must be enrolled in at least one semester of undergraduate study upon completion of participating in SUROP.
  • Non-KSU applicants will be given prior consideration.
  • Applicants must be available for the entire time period of the program. 
Application Procedure

We appreciate your interest in SUROP, but we are no longer accepting applications for the 2017 program.

Previous SUROP participants