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Department of Geography

Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith

EducationPh.D., Arizona State University, 1997
Research InterestsSense of Community / Attachment to place, settlement typology and changing morphology, cultural and ethnic landscape change, symbolism of the cultural landscape, changes in rural-urban land use patterns, diagnostic features of cultural and ethnic groups, culture regions, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, Mountainous West, Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean
Courses TaughtGEOG 100 World Regional Geography
GEOG 200 Human Geography
GEOG 310 Geography of Kansas
GEOG 620 Geography of Latin America
GEOG 709 Geographic Field Research Techniques
GEOG 720 Geography of Land Use
GEOG 790 Seminar in Cultural Geography
GEOG 870 Seminar:  The Master Weavers of Cultural Geography
Service Activities 
OfficeSeaton 1074
Telephone(785) 532-3412
Fax(785) 532-7310
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Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith's core areas of geographic research are in cultural geography, landscape analysis, population geography, historical geography, and migration.