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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life
4 K-State Student Union
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Fraternity and Sorority Life Mission

The K-State Fraternity and Sorority community is dedicated to the personal and professional development of members through a wide range of activities and experiences. We are committed to promoting life-long involvement in individual organizations, as well as our collective community to positively impact the lives of both undergraduate and alumni members while building and maintaining a fraternity and sorority community worthy enough to serve the University and the people of Manhattan.

Chapter Greek Week Chairs

Interfraternity Council Chapters
*AcaciaKyle Flemingkyle0223@k-state.edu
*Alpha Gamma RhoLuke Garrisonlagarrison@k-state.edu
*Alpha Tau OmegaBrandon Bellbbell11@k-state.edu
*Alpha Kappa LambdaJacob Isaacsonjacobi@k-state.edu
Beta Sigma PsiRiley Clarkrileyclark134@k-state.edu 
*Beta Theta PiLuke Eilertleilert@k-state.edu
 Jackson Granstaffjacksong@k-state.edu
Delta ChiTyler Shadducktlshaddu@k-state.edu
Delta Sigma PhiReid Bundebundeboy2015@k-state.edu
Delta UpsilonAustin Eckaeck18@k-state.edu
 Luke Koecherlkoechner@k-state.edu
*FarmHouseKyler Jostkyjost@k-state.edu
 Kash Farneykwf@k-state.edu
*Kappa SigmaMorgan Hastingsmjh224@k-state.edu
Lambda Chi AlphaLuke Fieldsfields15@k-state.edu
*Phi Delta ThetaAndrew Goadagoad@k-state.edu
Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji)Brandon Fullingtonbrando37@k-state.edu
*Phi Kappa ThetaReid Schmidlingrschmid@k-state.edu
*Pi Kappa AlphaNathan Mandsagernlmandsager@k-state.edu
Pi Kappa PhiMarco Saucedomarco7@k-state.edu
Sigma Alpha Epsilon    Sawyer Likesjlike@k-state.edu
Sigma ChiSean Reardonseanr333@k-state.edu
Sigma Phi EpsilonJack Kuhnjckuhn@k-state.edu
 Nate Meysenburgnatemeys@k-state.edu
*Sigma Tau GammaJack Bresserlondonbresser@k-state.edu
Tau Kappa EpsilonJeremy Grayjergray65@k-state.edu
Theta XiBrady Kiracofebhkiracofe@k-state.edu
 Eric Aubeeyaube@k-state.edu
TriangleAugust Atzenweileraatzenweiler@k-state.edu
 Aaron Akinaaron16@k-state.edu
Panhellenic Council Chapters
Alpha Chi OmegaMeribeth Wothemeribeth@k-state.edu
Alpha Delta PiChristine Odomceodom@k-state.edu
 Dominique Wiedmaierwieddom@k-state.edu
Alpha Gamma DeltaEmily Nicolegnicol@k-state.edu
Alpha Xi DeltaAmanda Dottsamdotts@k-state.edu
 Paige Petersonpspeters@k-state.edu
Chi OmegaEmily Nineenine@k-state.edu
Delta Delta DeltaPaige Parkerpparker22@k-state.edu
*Gamma Phi BetaHaley Rustrusthal@k-state.edu
Kappa Alpha ThetaLeah Fieldsleahmfields@k-state.edu
Kappa DeltaLily Firnhaberlfirnhaber@k-state.edu
Kappa Kappa Gamma  Paige Possonpmposson@k-state.edu
Pi Beta PhiJuliane Franciajfrancia@k-state.edu
 McClain Hymermkhymer@k-state.edu
Sigma KappaHannah Tharphmtharp@k-state.edu
Zeta Tau AlphaRegina Basseggnadine@k-state.edu

 *Denotes that the Greek Week Chair contact information has not yet been updated.