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Requests & Procedures

A capital improvement project is defined by the Kansas Board of Regents as any "bricks and mortar" project whose total cost exceeds $750,000 regardless of funding source.

The following steps are required for approval of all capital improvements projects on the Manhattan, Salina and Olathe campuses; projects on property owned by University and used by Agricultural Research and Extension; and projects associated with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Step One. A university department identified the need for a capital improvement project and outlines the needs, timeline and potential funding sources in a brief conceptual summary.

Step Two. The conceptual summary is reviewed and approved by the Dean (or other appropriate administrate head) and by the Provost or appropriate Vice President.

Step Three. The University's Department of Campus Planning & Facilities Management assists the department in the preparation of a program statement summarizing the project, its impact on the department's programs, its timeline, budget and funding. The program statement also generally includes conceptual sketches of the proposed and must outline a plan statement are defined by the Board of Regents. Departmental planning committees are typically involved in the development of the program statement.

Step Four. The program statement for the project is presented by the Provost or appropriate Vice President to the President's Cabinet for approval.

Step Five. If the project has a private funding component, the President’s Office will prioritize the project and present it to the KSU Foundation's Development and Prioritize Committee and to the Foundation Executive Committee for approval. If a separate fund-raising campaign is required, a feasibility study and fundraising plan will need to be developed with assistance of the KSU Foundation staff.

Step Six. After these internal approvals are received, the program statement is presented to the Kansas Board of Regents for approval. Proposals are typically presented to the Board once a year (on April 1) as part of the University's Five-Year Capital Improvements Plan although the Board may consider special capital improvements request at other times of the year.

Step Seven. After the project is approved by the Board of Regents it is presented to the Legislative Joint Committee on State Building Construction by the University's Department of Campus Planning & Facilities Management Staff.

Step Eight. If project funding includes State General Fund appropriations or requires revenue bonds, specific legislation authorizing the project must be approved by the Kansas Legislature.

Step Nine. When the project has received all required approvals, the University Campus Planning & Facilities Management Department will coordinate the actual design process to ensure that appropriate University, Board of Regents, state and federal guidelines are followed.

Step Ten. After architectural plans have been approved as required and the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance has certified that all required funding for the project is available, construction may proceed. The department of Campus Planning & Facilities Management will coordinate construction to ensure that appropriate University, Board of Regents, state and federal guidelines are followed.