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Energy and Environment Program

Steam Metering Project

The steam metering project reused as many of the existing steam meters as still worked, and added many more so that all the buildings supplied with steam would be metered.  This data is then collected by the Honeywell EBI system.  We can then determine how much energy is being used by each building.  Many buildings have two (or more) steam lines and so have multiple meters.  Most of these are due to having both a 5 psi line for radiant heating and a 90 psi line for domestic water heating or for process heat.  Ward Hall has a separate pair of steam lines for each wing and thus has four meters.  Burt Hall had an additional steam line installed to increase the steam available for process purposes.

The following buildings have monitored steam meters:

Ackert/Chalmers Halls (two meters)    Anderson Hall                          
Beach Museum of ArtBluemont Hall
Burt Hall (three meters)Bushnell Hall (two meters)
Call HallCalvin Hall
Campus Creek Complex (two meters)          Cardwell Hall (two meters)
Dickens Hall (two meters)Dykstra Hall (two meters)
Eisenhower HallEnglish/Counseling Services (two meters)
Fairchild HallGeneral Myers Hall (Military Science) (two meters)
Hale LibraryHolton Hall
Justin Hall (two meters)King (two meters)
Leasure HallMcCain Auditorium
Presidents ResidenceSeaton Hall
Shellenberger Hall (two meters)Throckmorton Hall/Greenhouses (two meters)
Ward Hall (four meters)Waters Hall (two meters)
Weber Hall (two meters) Willard Hall (two meters)