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Energy and Environment Program

Natural Gas

While most buildings on the main campus use steam for their heating and hot water needs, there are several buildings that use natural gas.  Most of these use the gas for heating and hot water, some (like Chem/Biochem) use it in the labs.  Durland Hall has an asphalt lab that uses substantial amounts of natural gas, but only on a sporadic basis.  All new buildings are being metered for all of the utilities connected to them, but most of the older buildings weren't metered.  The older buildings that were selected to have gas meters hooked up were the buildings that had substantial gas usage.  The following buildings are metered for natural gas:

Bramlage ColiseumChemistry/Biochemistry
Durland HallEdwards Hall
Hoeflin Stone House (2 meters)Stanley Stout
Kruse Feed Mill