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Energy and Environment Program

Electrical Metering

We have installed electrical sub-meters in order to monitor the electricity used by each building. The meters are monitored and data recorded by the Energy Manager suite of the Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator software. The data obtained is being used to create a baseline so that in the future when energy saving or energy conservation projects are completed we will be able to accurately measure their effectiveness.

The following is a list of sub-metered buildings:

Ahern Field House

Anderson Hall

Beach Museum of Art


Bluemont Hall

Bramlage Coliseum

Burt Hall

Bushnell Hall

Campus Creek Complex

Cardwell Hall


Dairy Barn

Dickens Hall

Dykstra Hall

Edwards Hall

Eisenhower Hall

English/Counseling Services

Hoeflin Stone House

Holton Hall

Holtz Hall

Indoor Football Facility

King Hall

Kruse Feed Mill

Leasure Hall

McCain Auditorium

Frank Myers Field


Nichols Hall

Presidents Residence

Rec Complex

Stanley Stout

Thompson Hall

Umberger Hall

Vanier Football Complex

Vet Med Chillplant

Waters Hall