EEP Staff

Casey Lauer, Director

As the first director of Kansas State University's energy and environment program, Casey Lauer is a man with a plan for campus energy efficiency. Lauer, who joined K-State in July of 2010, is tasked with continuing to develop a university-wide approach for energy conservation.

"I feel strongly about the opportunities that exists to conserve energy, and I'm excited about the resulting positive impacts that can be made throughout the campus community," Lauer said. "My overall objective is to promote a triple bottom line: economic, environmental and ecological stewardship culminating in a trifecta interactional benefit."

Lauer provides leadership and oversight to existing initiatives with energy performance contracting and building control enhancements. Additionally, he is leading to developing a behavioral and technological-based energy conservation plan customized for individual colleges and stakeholders at K-State.

A 2004 graduate of the University of Kansas, Lauer earned a bachelor's in mechanical engineering. He is a member of Pi Tau Sigma engineering honor society. He also was a Kansas Honors Scholar and received the KU academic merit award.

Prior to joining K-State, Lauer was an energy engineer at Johnson Controls, where he developed energy-savings projects. He is a licensed professional engineer, a certified energy manager and general building contractor.

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Mathew (Matt) Smith, Program Consultant II

Matt began his career at Kansas State University working for the Division of Facilities in Fall 2007 for the HVAC shop, and gained enough knowledge on mechanical and controls systems to advance to supervisor of the Electronic Controls Shop in 2010.

Concurrently, the Energy & Environment Program opened in Fall of 2010, and Matt became the first employee of the program.  Matt's core responsibilities include work with energy management system and metering, including installation, configuration, commissioning, and maintenance on utility meters and meter communication systems. He manages small projects that involve utility metering, building lighting, lighting control, and HVAC automation. Matt also manages and performs weekly updates with HVAC automation for the general classroom schedules.

Matt has a refrigeration license, is certified as a Building Operator (levels I & II), and is eligible to become a Certified Energy manager.

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Daniel Bostrom, Program Consultant I

Daniel J Bostrom is the newest member of the Energy & Environment Program team, having just started in June of 2013. Among the tasks assigned to him are creating spreadsheets to organize and analyze data on energy use, building the web pages for the E&EP and setting up a pilot project to determine the return on investment (or payback time) for different types of solar photovoltaic systems.

Previous positions include; working as a Building Systems Technician building graphics for the campus wide building automation system here at Kansas State; as a Project Engineer for a wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer where he developed a new biological phosphorous removal system, as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Field Technician where he traveled all over the U.S. and Canada directing plant start-ups and training the operators, and as a Nuclear Power Plant Operator on a U.S. naval submarine stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. At one point he took several years off from technical fields to pursue his creative side and became a Master Goldsmith which he continues as a hobby. His degree is in Environmental Engineering.

He looks forward to working to reduce our impact on the environment through energy conservation and developing the use of alternate sources of energy here on campus. He is excited about implementing a social marketing program to conserve energy through behavior modification.

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