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Fermilab DØ Experiment

The DØ interface card refreshes high speed data signals, sequences power supply turn-on, and monitors current and voltage levels in the FermiLab DØ project. Data and control lines on the interface card contain termination schemes to match cable impedances also, signal layers have been matched to the intrinsic characteristics of the cables. Monitored data was reported via a MIL-STD-1553 serial interface 1553 terminal interface and power supply turn on sequencing were implemented using PLD's. Design of the serial communication chip was accomplished using Altera's MAXPlus II software. EDL also constructed test fixtures to test and debug the 160 interface cards that were built for the DØ project.



interface card

Two input channels on the interface card are shown above.There are eight total channels on the board used for signal inputs. All of the data collected from the eight channels is sampled and the clocked out serially to a computer for more complex analysis. Each of the interface cards have a unique ID that allows multiple numbers of these interface cards to be used in unison for the same experiment. All of the data taken from each one of these interface cards can be reconstructed to find out what kind of information was encountered by the sensor array.


Two channels of the DØ interface Card


Top side of the DØ Interface Card

bottom side

Bottom side of the DØ Interface Card with termination resistors intact