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Digital Humanities Center


Current Projects

Supported by grants from the Kansas Humanities Council and the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, here are the current digital humanities projects being worked done at K-State. 

 William Blake Archive

William Blake Archive 

Project coordinator for Kansas State: Mark Crosby, Blake Archive Bibliographer

 WWI poetry postcard 

American Poetry of the First World War

Work Studies: American Poetry of the Great War (2013) and Rookie Rhymes (2014)

Editor: Tim Dayton (English).

Contributors: Jessica Reyes (2013), Zian Butler (2014), Taylor Madsen (2014), Brittney Tyler-Milholland (2014), Steven Miller (2015).

 Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks 

Scholarly Coordinators: Katy Karlin and Cameron Leader Picone

Contributors: Lacey Brummer (2014), Elijah Kampsen (2014), Carmen Schober (2014), Stephanie Scott (2014), Alex Stinson (2014-15)

 MA Student Projects

   hired to depress    

 Hired to Depress: William Blake's Annotations to Sir Joshua Reynolds' 'Discourses

 Elizabeth Potter (MA 2017)                         


 "Tintern Abbey" By William Wordsworth: A Digital Scholarly Edition

 Brennan Saddler (MA 2017) 



Previous Student projects 

These are projects developed as part of classwork within English. 695: Intro to Digital Humanities, Engl. 698: American Everyday: The Ordinary, the Deviant, and the Marginalized', Engl. 825: William Blake's Illuminated Books, and Eng. 625: Romanticism.




Reading Kansas: Hidden Histories of Midwestern Book Culture 

Scholarly Coordinator: Steffi Dippold

Contributors: Fall 2016 Honors Seminar: Abilene Alderson, Hallie Lucas, Hunter Nelson, Sarah Peterson, Adam Smith, Malorie Wagner, Dylan Wheeler, and Cheyenne White. 




American Everyday

Things that Speak:American Everyday

Scholarly Coordinator: Steffi Dippold 

Contributors: Fall 2014 Capstone Students, Brittany Roberts (2014) and Rachel Cunningham (2014), Alex Stinson (2014-2015)

 Adaptation and Appropriation Database

Adaptation and Appropriation Database

Project manager: Alex Stinson

Contributors: Steven Kelly (2014), Elizabeth Hoyt (2014)

 Curry Archive


John Steuart Curry

Beach Museum of Art

Contributors: Fred Amstutz (2014), Elizabeth Thompson (2014), Virgina Vincent (2014)



Visions of Oppression: An Exploration of William Blake's Visions of the Daughters of Albion

Created by Sarah Brooks (2015)



The Bible of Hell: Revisited

Created by Minadora Macheret (2015)


William Blake's Illustrations to Dante's "Divine Comedy" - The Circle of the Lustful

Created by Natalie Monas (2015)

        man on mountain         

 The Sublime Experience

Created by Nathan Snell (2016)                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Blake and Buddhism

Created by Mawi Sonna (2016)

   Young Frankenstein

An Analysis on the use of Imagery within Frankenstein

Created by Taryn Oborny (2016)


A Defense of Hip Hop

Created by Colin Eurit and MacKenzie Phrommany (2016)