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Department Head Resources

Orientation for New Department Heads Schedule for Fall 2015

All meetings will be on Mondays from 3:30-5:00 p.m.

September 14 

Welcome from Provost April Mason
201 Anderson Hall

September 21 

Basic Information & Important Policies:  DH Resource Page & University Handbook (Brian Niehoff & Ruth Dyer)
247 Leadership Studies Building

September 28

Faculty Recruitment:  Human Capital/Talent Acquisition (Roberta Maldonado Franzen), Dual Career (Ruth Dyer), International Student and Scholar Services (Maria Beebe) 201 Anderson Hall

October 5

Assistance with Students:  Student Life (Heather Reed), Counseling (Dorinda Lambert), Student Access Center (Andrea Blair), International Student Services (Stacey Bailey)201 Anderson Hall

October 12 

Conflict in Academia:  Human Capital/Employee Relations (Charlotte Self), Assistance on Retainer (Rusty Andrews), Ombuds program (Rebecca Gould)
201 Anderson Hall

October 19 

Legal Issues:  University General Counsel Office
247 Leadership Studies Building

October 26 

Evaluating Faculty & Merit Increase (Department Head Panel)
201 Anderson Hall

November 2 

Teaching & Learning Resources:  Teaching and Learning Center (Jana Fallin), Office of Assessment (Fred Burrack), Honor & Integrity System (Steve Starrett), Global Campus (Sue Maes)
201 Anderson Hall

November 9 

Data Reports and Requests:  Planning & Analysis (Kelli Cox), Registrar (Robert Auten), Human Capital Services (Alma Deutsch), Budget Office (Ethan Erickson)
201 Anderson Hall

November 16 

No meeting

November 23 

Thanksgiving week

November 30 

Classrooms and Facilities – Room Scheduling (Loleta Sump & Mandi Christenson), Facilities (Heather Mills), Technology in Classrooms (Rebecca Gould), Course Scheduling (Tammie Campbell and Susan Cooper)
247 Leadership Studies Building

December 7

Leadership discussion (Department Head and Dean Panel)
201 Anderson Hall