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First Tuesday Roundtables

Purpose and organization:

The First Tuesday Roundtables are a monthly forum in which academic department heads come together to discuss matters of common interest and concern. The format is meant to be casual. These sessions are for us to share ideas and experiences with our colleagues. They are not seminars or lectures.

Who is in charge of setting the agenda:

Provost Taber is the host for the program. Brian Niehoff brings suggestions for agenda items forward from a group of department heads and deans, then the Provost approves the final agenda for each session.  You are encouraged to make suggestions about program topics to Brian Niehoff.

Contact Brian Niehoff (2-4797 or niehoff@ksu.edu) if you have a subject you would like to have discussed.

When and where:

All sessions will be from 8:00 - 9:15 a.m. in the rooms listed below.

An emailed announcement will be sent out a week prior to the event as a reminder.

Schedule for Academic Year 2019

September 4

Alumni Center Ballroom, A & D

October 2

Alumni Center Ballroom, A & D

November 6

Alumni Center Ballroom, A & D

December 4

 Alumni Center Ballroom, A & D

January -- No Roundtable

February 5

Alumni Center Ballroom, A & D

March 5

Alumni Center Ballroom, A & D

April 2

Alumni Center Ballroom, A & D

May 7

Alumni Center Ballroom, A & D