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Grand Challenges

How does K-State Research and Extension make a difference in your life?

K-State Helps Older Kansans Save MoneySeniors: Seminars on aging, Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas, prescription medicine consultations, support for caregivers.
K-State Helps Home and Professional Gardeners with Research-backed InformationHomeowners: Lawn care advice, testing plants for the Kansas environment, Healthy Yards.
Frito LayBusinesses: Help small-, medium-, and large-businesses improve their bottom lines, increase their competitiveness, and expand their markets; train food service workers.
K-State Helps Ag Producers with Current PracticesFarmers: Developing crops for varied Kansas climate, irrigation options to preserve the Ogallala Aquifer and maintain productivity, financial management systems.
Helping Rural Grocery Stores Stay OpenCommunities: Kansas PRIDE program, assistance for local grocery stores, disaster preparedness, keeping sediments out of community water sources, community gardens.
K-State is Helping with Guidelines for Rangeland BurningRanchers: Smoke management recommendations for burning rangeland, livestock genetics and management practices.
Educating Kids about Kansas Food ProductsYouth: Kansas 4-H programs promote life skills, Operation Military Kids, nutrition, educating them on the sources of their food.
Nutrition Education for Kansans of all AgesAll ages: Walk Kansas fitness program, diabetes counseling, nutrition, food safety procedures.

Why K-State Research and Extension can help find solutions for the challenges facing Kansans

We have
  • a statewide network to share unbiased information,

  • expertise on topics important to Kansas, and

  • established local, state, regional, national, and international partnerships.